thank you, elsie flannigan...

So you know I read about the captain crunch frappuccino on elsie's blog and had to try it. Upon further investigation on the internet I found that you can either ask for your strawberry frapp with either two pumps of toffee nut or one toffee nut/one hazelnut. Either way, it really really is that good. And either way, apparently it's bad Starbucks etiquette to ask for a captain crunch (or any made-up-not-on-the-menu) frappuccino. You have to order the strawberry and then ask for your syrup. And not in shots (like alcohol.) Pumps is the word. (This makes me laugh. But I like knowing this information.)

I've heard that the manager at our nearest 'bux, Michael, is a big fan of these, too, but it seems that so far I'm one of the only people ordering these at our location because I keep getting a big reaction from the baristas every time. I can tell I'm going to be wanting one of these all summer. Better hold the whip though because I'm already feeling my jeans mysteriously getting smaller and smaller...


  1. I would have to agree. It's my n ew favorite drink for sure.

  2. I really want to try it now! I live over an hour away from the closest starbucks, so it'll have to wait... but I'm definitely curious now.

  3. I have yet to try it, but I'm pretty sure I've told anyone with working ears about it.

    And them and the word "pump." Oh boy. I had a friend who used to work at a Starbuck's and listening to her order was like a secret code.

    (Had to de-lurk to say that!)

  4. damn it. i saw that too and wanted to try it...but with your photo, well now i HAVE TO. friggin' a, geigley!

  5. I was wondering what you were talkin' about...(-: Gonna give it a SHOT (stupid pretentious bux..he he). (-;

  6. husband and i tried it this weekend too! lol!! our barista knew exactly what it was when we ordered it too!

  7. Hahaha, so it was good:) My boyfriend would actually like this sort of drink. I think I may try one, I dont think I would look so wierd ordering it in the city:)

  8. Holly: if you come visit we can go again...... ;)

  9. i read this post last night and laughed alot.
    then i actually /dreamt/ about ordering one.
    i'm not even that keen on the flavour! what is happening to me?
    i must be getting starbucks withdrawals.



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