a whole lot of i don't know

Check out the new stuff up at the Creative Type later today. My text is jacked from one of the Veer catalogs that I had been holding onto for a few months.

This is me doing some seam-ripping late last night on my almost finished quilt for Lo. Only one week left in my quilting class and I'll be done. It's not perfect but I'm so excited to try more things and learn as I go.

We got this DJ Lance hat and glasses right before Lotus' birthday party. She cried every time Bo put them on (totally freaked her out) but now she's getting to be more daring and occasionally asks to wear them.

Check out these rad Amy Tangerine t-shirts from my sweet girl Amy Tan. WOW. I wish you could see them a little bit better in this pic but mine says 'this is the life.' And you've gotta love camo on a little girl. So our style.


  1. gotta love the matching amy tan shirts! so cute.

    and that layout is amazzzing.

  2. haha she asks to wear them now! That's so cute!


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