Friday, I'm in love.

So today's kind of a cool day in my world. Knitting little by little when I can. Listening the crap out of this. Especially this one. Gives me little chills. (Thanks Kara.)

Jamaica asked me to do a little long-distance simultaneous nerd project several weeks ago. She even sent me these rad supplies to make my little book. So I can't take credit for how amazing this looks – she sent me the deliciously thick letter-pressed cover, pretty papers, bookbinding tape and elastic to hold it all together.

Our mission? (Also her genius idea.) Graph and chart our lives. Silly things, everyday things. So we each kept track. And then it became this week's Dare. Yup, like that kind of Dare. THE Dares.

So here are some of mine. Be sure to check out Jamaica's as well - just looking at hers made me want to make more. I am basically in love with the girl. (J... of course I will marry you. And I wish we really could be neighbors so we could have worked on our nerd charts together. And rescue each other when font/printer emergencies arise.)

And now it's officially time to get shiny and bright.

Because the new challenge is up at ScrapMojo! And the challenge is just that - use a fave Christmas quote + something sparkly. Here's my Guest Mojo Girl page... (much love for those girls!)
Be sure to play along for a chance to win an awesome prize pack from Sassafras! Now go check out what everyone else has made. So merry, so bright.

Preparations are in full force today to get ready for Craft Saturday tomorrow. Super excited for this holiday event! We'll be there from noon until 7 pm - extended hours!

Also super excited that we'll be right next to Java Joe's so I can drink yummy coffee all day with my Erin. Which is also the perfect excuse for you to come out and see us. Coffee + handmade spectacular finds. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

I'll have some new custom t-shirts and birthday t-shirts for the kiddos.

And I'll be bringing Christmas scrapbook kits and these new holiday cards. And some other fun stuff. :)

Check out just some of the vendors' goods below. You'll have to come see the rest for yourself.

Last but not least, I have one more Friday thing to share. Because you know it's time to Work Your Soul. Oh yes, Kim has come up with an amazing challenge this week.

Image transfers!

It's messy and awesome and you absolutely must try it immediately.

What started out as an experiment with glue soon transformed into something a little deeper. Something happened when I saw all these photos ripped and torn and shredded. I somehow ended up writing about something I've never really written down before. I totally didn't mean to go there, but I'm glad I did. Paper therapy, I tell you.


  1. I LOVE everything in this post girl!
    always love your sp :)
    xo, have a great weekend!

  2. Graphs and charts?! Love it!!! What a great mini!

  3. Hmmm interesting stuff here Miss Jen. Have fun at your craft fair tomorrow, I miss doing those. Also I am heading over right now to check out Work your soul!!! Sounds like fun.

  4. holy sh*t jen.
    i'm totally in love with your charts + graphs.
    as in, i would marry them.
    right now.

  5. Mmmm... This whole post. Ohmagosh.

    And, I'm glad you liked the tunes. They're delish, no?

    WYS has my head spinning. SPINNING.

    And that dare? Ohmagosh.

    Amazing, I tell you, amazing.

  6. Wonderful album. Simply beautiful. So much in it of emotion o_O

    I am admiring your all works :)

    sorry for my english :/


  7. Wow! I am with Vee on this one...I like everything in this post..I don't even know where to begin. I love your latest "Life" project and the Scrapmojo beautiful!!
    Have a great week!

  8. Oh I am so glad Sandy introduced me to your ol blog. Oh that song made me cry. Thank you! Thank you! for sharing it with me. I needed to listen to something so lovely like that. It is so cool to see your transfers. I am addicted to that. You so need to check out my art journal girl Steph- I blissfully cursed that I learned this technique from her. You are so right about how the paper therapy of this technique:) Thank you Jen.

  9. so i have yet to figure out the transfer thing. i have tried 4 times and nothing but sticky non transfering foto messes. what am i doing wrong

  10. shoot angela - it does take some trial and error, and it only works with an ink-jet printed image (laser printed photos will not work)... it is sticky, but fun!

  11. IN LOVE with the LIFE book -- damn, it feels good to be a gangsta :)


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