December rocks

Knitting is my new friend. Errr, addiction. I really can't stop. I'm on scarf #4 right now (scarf #1 - my first knitting project ever pictured above.) Can't show you the rest of my projects because they are going to be gifts, but a big 'yay' for knitting. It just feels right to knit when the weather is cold. And man, is it cold.

Wow, I must say ... I had a blast with December's kit from Red Velvet. Everything goes together so well. This may be my fave RV kit so far. Although it's tough to say because I love them all.

I made a few 9x9" pages for my Journal Your Christmas album... just have to add the dates/numbers to each and slide them into my book. YAY. Love the snowflakes and the narwhal and those sweet Hambly frames.

But the green gingham oil cloth is just the best.

I did a couple of pages using photos from the night we decorated our tree. We put L in her Christmas pj's and she had a blast checking out all of the ornaments and admiring the lights. Def scrapworthy.

And yes, here's the knitting again. Can you tell I'm proud? It's not my fault that two of the papers in this kit had this awesome yarn border edge that was just too perfect.

I used the snowflake stamp to make kraft wrapping paper. As simple as this is, I've never done this before and it was waaaay fun.

And I had a blast using Rachel's cool patterns.

I made felt ornaments but there are so many other uses for these – paper tags, embroidery, anything goes.

December is my month to come up with a challenge at RV.

Which is... to paint on something unexpected (and better yet, recycle something.) I found this piece of metal in our basement and used Rachel's Merry Christmas pattern to make this decoration for our fireplace.

Finally, I have lots of new stuff up in the shop. Stop by if you need a cute last-minute holiday gift for a little one - there's still time to get custom tee's before Christmas! Totally.

And while December definitely rocks, January may rock harder, because Lost is back. This is just too long of a break for me. Check out this sneak... aacck, I can barely stand it. January 21, people.


  1. I love, love, love your latest layouts!! They rock so much!!!
    Your knitting is fab! The ornaments way cool! You are rocking it out, my friend!!
    Have a good Monday (blah. lol)

  2. aaack! Can't stand the anticipation for LOST in Jan! Your knitting is way awesome! Congrats on the scarf! You did great!

  3. I still can't believe that's your first knit project! I've been casting on, doing a few rows, taking it apart, repeat. :P I'm hoping to get some arm warmers made. I do agree with you though, that when it's so cold it feels right to knit! And here, it's cold, I mean -45 degrees celcius cold, like kill yourself if you go outside cold. Oh canada.

    I really like your layouts for the RV kit, I'm always inspired. :)

    Love the gift wrap as well!
    xo holly

  4. gIRL,
    yOU ARE amazing!
    I love your knitting layout, it totally rocks, And the rest are so fabulous.

    I'm signing off with my jaw dropped in awe of your incredible projects!

  5. Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile & I love your unique style & creativity. How DO YOU find the TIME to get all this cute craftiness done!?!?!

  6. Geez, You just started knitting and you knit wow better then me who has been knitting for 2 years. Im still not past the basic knit stitch scarf stage!!!! Blahhhhhhh:( hahaha

  7. love your projects and goodies darling!

  8. Where did you get the yarn edge borders you used on the knit page? I love them!!

  9. the yarn edge borders were from Sassafras Lass paper (one of the sheets is the background of my knitting page) - you can see them here...**NEW**%20Serendipity%20-%20Life%20at%20the%20Pole&page=1

  10. Hey, I'm new here and love your blog.

    I'm also new to this knitting business. I was wondering, is that "mistake stitch" you're using for those scarves? That's what I've been using and it looks like the same thing. How did you get that hole in the middle to loop through?

  11. Stephanie... (if you see this!) I have no idea what the 'mistake stitch' is but I'm still really new to knitting too! I used a knit stitch/slip stitch pattern and then when I got to the keyhole, I would bind off 5 stitches on one row, then cast them back on in the next row. Check YouTube for tutorials (that's what I do.)


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