and what it all comes down to...

I have been insanely busy this past week putting in late nights working on a design project. Keeping up with holiday preparations and family visits, ice storms, wrapping/baking/last-minute-shopping and the rest has been more of a challenge than ever. Yet everything still falls into place – I'm always amazed (and relieved) when that happens.

So this is our Christmas this year: we have a solid family-rock-block from Christmas Eve through Sunday, which is cool. Even better is that we're not traveling at all on Christmas day, and we're waking up in our own house – just us three, to do our thing before the rest of the gatherings begin. Grateful for that, and really looking forward to Lo opening presents this year. When she sees something she likes (lights on a tree, for example) she gets this tiny shy/embarrassed smile that is just too sweet for words.

Now that my crazy rushed freelance gig is wrapped up (and I mean 'wrapped up' literally – I put a big red bow on the disks as I handed them off today) I can relax and enjoy our Christmas Eve tomorrow. Whew. So glad the project is over but also so glad to have the work.

Watched The Hills finale (but not a finale) last night. Not sure if I'm excited about The City yet, or not, but you know I'll be watching. Was not a fan of Lauren's hair on the after show. Ditto for Whitney's large floral out-of-season headband. But my love for those girls goes on. (Wasn't it sweet that Whitney got a pair of Manolo's signed for Lauren? Aww.)

On a totally different tangent, I must say that I was so sad when I found out that we were going to have to say goodbye to RVKC. But I'm so very excited to see what's ahead with the new Red Velvet Art store (because you know that whatever Elsie and Rachel are dreaming up, it's going to be absolutely rad.) I'm so grateful that I got to be a tiny part of Red Velvet Kit Club and it was an honor to work with very talented Theresa, Marie and Michelle. A huge thanks to Rachel for having me on her kick-ass design team (and taking a chance on me.) It really was a dream come true.

*Also, for the record, this may be my first post ever that does not have any photos. Heartwarming Christmas family photo coming tomorrow to make up for this boring post!


  1. Have a great Christmas Jen!!! Enjoy your awesome little family tomorrow morning. Lotus is gonna have so much fun - Ella was so cute last year (this year she's camped herself under the tree to protect her presents from Santa..?? wth? apparently I mis-communicated something to her..ugh).

    I am SO looking forward to the city!! I'm totally with ya about LC's hair though - even Joe commented. he he. And Spencer....not pure evil...who knew? sigh....

    Well have a great day - I'm off to do a little baking before the real chaos begin. (-;

    xo Sandy

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! :D


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