this is it.

Bored? Need something to do? Join GOOD. It takes about 3 seconds. This lovely girl inspired me to go check out their website, as I had only seen the nifty little Good sheets around at Starbucks. For a donation in the amount of your choice to the charity of your choice ($1 + up) you get a one year subscription to their ultra cool magazine. They donate 100% of your subscription fee (again, in the amount you choose) to whichever organization you choose. Now that's nifty.

I have decided to embark on Ashley Wren's 'evidence' adventure. Starts today. Brain starting to warm up with ideas already. I'm the girl with too many blank journals laying around, waiting for something cool to magically appear in them, so I'm stoked to break one out and put it to work. (AW is already blowing my mind.)

Last year, I had such a blast participating in Shimelle Laine's Journal Your Christmas class. If you're thinking of making a daily Christmas album for the month of December, this is the way to go. If you sign up once, you're in it for life - yes, every Christmas, every year. And Shimelle emails you a pdf every day (37 in all) starting December 1 up through the New Year. It is one of my all-time favorite projects that I've ever done, and I promise you'll be thrilled with everything she has cooked up for the class. Especially when it comes to writing down the stuff that matters most - this is all the help you'll need. You can see my book from last year here and here and here.

And thanks to Sarah and Angie for the heads up on NaBloPoMo. (Not making any promises here...)

We all know it's almost time to vote, right?
One more day. Let's do this.

And have you seen this offer from Starbucks? There's no excuse not to get your butt to the polls - go VOTE! (and then go to the 'Bux and pick up your free coffee.)


  1. Wow, so I get to vote and get free coffee on my birthday? Sweet!

  2. Hmmm free coffee if you vote eh?? Maybe that will get my sister to vote:)

    I know I will be up at the polls early in the am, it really does matter!

    I am thinking about taking that Ashley Wren class, I just might!

    I am a tid bit confused on what the first thing was that you spoke about. Am I just silly or what, but it seems interesting.

  3. okay, no - I am horrible at explaining things! you have to go to the website to check it out yourself.

    (they have AMAZING design stuff all over the place, Patty - you'd LOVE it.)

    You can subscribe + become a Good member for a $1 donation (or more if you want) - you choose the charity and 100% of your donation goes there!

  4. Ok, so I didn't think I could get any more excited about voting tomorrow, but then I find out about free coffee at Starbucks... I can't wait! Thanks for the info!

  5. oh yeah, I love GOOD magazine, it's amazing.

  6. Hey Jen it's Jaime from Adel! I thought I was the only one that collected blank journals. Let me know how that class goes. I've been looking for one to get my thoughts flowing.

    Thanks for getting the word out to vote!!


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