so watcha-watcha-watcha want?

Crazy busy days behind and ahead of me, but it's cool. Having lots of work to do makes me feel like all is right in my head, and a part of me digs the feeling I get after a productive day and a late night on the computer downstairs. And part of me is a little bit tired and surviving on coffee and Pepsi for the sixth day in a row. New goals for the next few months include making some brand new stuff for Craft Saturday, doing thoughtful Christmas shopping/gift making, learning to knit (if I can persuade Sarah and Amy to help me with that) and learning to make a quilt. This shop is super close to my house and offers a beginners' class that should teach me everything I need to know so I don't totally end up in a mess on my first try. There is no crying in sewing.
*And what's with the Beastie Boys song lyric subject titles lately? Well, the B-Boys are always on my playlist and always in my head. But I'm also very sad that we just missed their show in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. It's hard to let it go. Bo is not happy about it, either. Sucks.

My November stuff is up at Red Velvet Kit Club. Can I get all kinds of cheesy and just say that I am so thankful to be part of this team? These girls really are the best. And this month's kit was so completely radical.

Even Elsie rocked it this month - you have to check out what she did.

I made this page with a HUGE leaf from our back yard. We have Sycamore trees that are fifty-some years old and drop these enormous leaves everywhere.

And I made a fun 6x8" mini book all about the little things from fall of this year. (I am just now noticing how yellow these photos are and I'm a little embarrassed... but we've just had no sunlight and on the day I took these we were really lacking so I had to use a lamp. Yellow. Ugh. ETA... it drove me crazy enough that I retook the photos. Yes, OCD. I know.)

My mom is visiting this weekend. The mall is busy and annoying. And I'm permanently cold - one of those days where I can't for the life of me warm up. I've been exchanging super fun emails with this super cool girl. Going scrapping with Amy tonight and really looking forward to fun chatting and maybe getting something done. And a new post is going up at The Creative Type tomorrow so don't forget to check that out! I think it might be my favorite so far.


  1. I just love your stuff, you are so talented!!

  2. Those mini books are so neat. I need to make one. You are so creative. Also, I read that you are wanting to learn how to make a quilt. I want to learn too. If you sign up for a class, let me know and I'll try to sign up too. Great seeing you tonight at Archiver's.

  3. Hey Jen! Long time! Just wanted to say that I went to a show last night! Mudvayne, 10 years, and Snot! Best show i have ever seen! :D

    Glad to see your creations, Beautiful!

  4. What you did with that kit takes my breath away. I still have it sitting on my desk, I will get around to it eventually. For now I will admire what everyone else came up with:)

  5. i loooove what you did with that kit! (i always do)

  6. That mini? Is perfection.

    Love it.

  7. love your mini and layouts!! The leaf ones are so cute!!!!

  8. Just found my way in here, what a great blog!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you stuff! Thank you for the inspiration!


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