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Just got the new Craft Saturday holiday show postcards in the mail and I can't wait to move out and post these in every coffee shop and crafty place of business in the area. (And cute little bundles of anything wrapped in string ... I just love that.)

Mark your calendars now for some killer Christmas shopping - Craft Saturday will be at the 4th Street Theater, next to Java Joe's downtown on December 6th. (If you've never been to C.S. before, please note that this is not your grandma's craft show. I mean that in a good way.) Erin and I will be there in full force, as usual. Dressed like elves. Okay, now I'm lying. But we'd really like to see you there. Come out and support the local craft scene!

I've been busy working on some brand new stuff for the Etsy shop. Holiday related, of course. Mini book kits (complete with very cute little 6x6" albums) and number/date tags for December and January.

I'm taking this online class with Elsie. (photo from her blog, above.) I couldn't resist. Man, that girl just has endless ideas! I finished up some cool projects and pages with the November Red Velvet kit (which rocked so much) - photos will be up on Saturday. In the meantime, go over and check out what Theresa made. I wish there were more hours in the day to do everything I want to be doing - I still have much more to do with my books from AW's Evidence and Rachel's Steady Hand, Faulty Heart. I'm in love with these new projects and art journals are where it's at, for sure. But I've also got a healthy amount of freelance work on my plate (which is great) so I must balance the to-do list.

Egg Press is 25% off. Ordered the offset calendar and it's all Jamaica's fault.

Ork Posters is also having their first anniversary sale, and I've had my eye on these for some time. I think I'm going with the black Chicago screenprint. But the other colors are tempting. Midwest, represent. We have family there and visit often. Bo used to live and go to school there. So Chicago has our heart. But so does New York City.

And this lovely thing arrived in my mailbox last week from Rar Rar Press - totally made my gray, dreary day a little bit more, um, yellow. Every time I read it, it makes me giggle. I'm putting up random things in frames in my scrap/graphic design work area and this just may complete the little group. Bo asked if I'll take it down when Lo is old enough to read it, but I'm trying to thing of something else it could stand for so I can leave it up. (Don't worry, I'll take it down.)


  1. That is an awesome pin! lol I love it! And I am so diggin your Chrismasy number tags!
    YOu have a lot on your plate, girl! Have fun! :P

  2. I want that pin. And hope I can make it to Craft Saturday.

    I am in awe of your energy and ability to multitask. Damn, girl.

  3. Ooh, I'm glad you posted about the sale on those posters! Chicago has my heart too and one of those has been on my "to buy" list for a while now. Thinking I'm going to have to give in tomorrow.

    I'm excited to see the new things you guys have at CS!
    If you really did dress as elves you would fit right in if you got there early - Santa is going to be there in the morning.

  4. I love your rock, plain and simple :) (And thanks for introducing me to some cool shops and items!) Have fun at Craft Saturday!

  5. Hahahah i love that f that s!!!! I want it! I wish i lived closer I would so come out and show some love! Hope you have a wonderful time my dear!

  6. Im sure it means Funk that Style as in up! But little L never needs to know that! I wish I could make it to CS, but it may not be in the cards. The postcards look great though!


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