it's almost time... Journal Your Christmas! It all starts this Monday, December 1st, and it's not too late to sign up! Last year, I decided to give this online class a try. (You can see some of my 07 pages here.) I'll admit ... making a page each day in December all the way through the twelfth day of Christmas (in January) intimidated me at first.

But wow, I fell in love with making something every day during the holiday season, taking the photos and sliding that day's page in my book. At the very end, I was a little sad it was over.

The cool thing is that once you 'join' Journal Your Christmas, you're in for life. So of course I was looking forward to December this year when I could start all over again.

But it's more than just making a page a day. It's an experience. It really is. You're documenting the season, the memories, the music, the food, the feeling, the nostalgia, the preparations... along with a few thousand people from all around the world. Cool, huh? (The template for this 'evidence' page comes from Jamaica ... I'm looking for the link to the exact spot on her blog where she has it available for download but i LOVE this block of squares and have used it often to document randoms ... that girl is brilliant.)

You can make it into a scrapbook, or you can use it as a writing project with just a journal and pen. Either way, you're going to end up with something that brings back the magic for you (in your quest to 'take back Christmas,' as Shimelle says) and keep your memories fresh for you and others to look back on years from now.

And while we're talking about Christmas (because it is the day after Thanksgiving after all, so here we go!) Four of these fun and bright Christmas mini book kits are up for grabs in my Etsy shop.

All four include a super cute 6x6" American Crafts album with page protectors, plenty of card stock, letter stickers (two of the kits come with A.C. Thickers) and other fun little things to get you started. These make an easy gift or would be very cute to organize some of your Christmas photos from this year or years past. Or have your family help put it together over the holidays (perfect if you have kids sitting around looking for something to do!)

And the perfect thing to go with your Journal Your Christmas album? These date/number tags, also in the shop. This set will take you from December 1 all the way through January 7 (the twelfth day of Christmas!) But if you don't want to use them all, that's okay. You can choose from the pre-cut paper version, or the pdf download that you can print and cut yourself!


  1. love the tags!!
    that sounds like such a cool class!!'have fun!!

  2. I got my tags in!! Oh yeah, baby! They are rockin! Can't wait to use them. And your Christmas layouts are killer!!
    Have a great weekend! :P

  3. Ooooh! Off to check out your shop! :D


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