hello November.

First of all, wow. We did it. Whew, so very exciting!
“We have witnessed tonight in America a revolution of values, a revolution of ideals. There’s been a transformation of America, and it will have unbelievable influence on the world.” – Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

(And now back to life as usual. That was a terrible segue. My apologies.) But. You really must check out the full monty on November's RVKC kit, 'Thankful.'

Honestly, this kit is mind-blowing. You get a ton of amazing stuff this month. Do you see all the possibilities here? And it gets better...

Enough to make a seriously fabulous fall mini book.
Or lots of layouts.
Heck, you can easily do both.

Um, hi, did I mention that the mini book is even included? If you've been on the fence before as to whether or not to buy a Red Velvet kit, trust me, you will want this one. It's on sale right now, here. Whether it's your very first kit club purchase or your 35th, do not let this one slip away!

I'm 100% addicted to checking Leanimal's Etsy shop for updates.

Yup, Leanne from PR. She has an Etsy shop!

You know I'm obsessed with the girl. And just look at these pretties.

Poor Leanne has been inundated with hundreds of emails since her win, but I'm stalking her shop in hopes of finding a gem of a little dress or top that hasn't been reserved.

I am in love with her gorgeous dresses but I would absolutely wear her more casual every-day stuff. I loved what she wore on the show.

I would pretty much give my left arm to have any of these in my closet. So pretty.

And then there's this dress - sigh - the Printing Press Sheath from Anthropologie. Even the name is so good.

It's just all kinds of beautiful and I've been lusting after it since I got the first fall catalog this season. The flutter sleeves aren't really my thing, but that inky jet black print is to die for. And therefore I could live with the flutter sleeves. But the price... egads. I will wait. To see if it goes on sale. Sigh.

Challenge #6 just went up over at The Creative Type. I just love those girls, I really do. And this challenge was fun and easy - mix it up, mix it up! The type, that is.

And here's a random page that I finished at Get Inspired. Which was such a fun time. Fifteen hours of scrap; yes, fifteen.

Minna and Angel did a fantastic job and the whole day flowed without a hitch.

I got to spend lots of quality time with my girl Erin.

I helped Amy out with the supply booth and got snapped by the Des Moines Register, dolla-dolla bill in hand. (That girl I'm talking to in the photo was making me laugh so hard.)

And scrapped with Brandy, Tonya, Jen H. and Angie!
(Group photo snagged from Brandy's blog.)

New friends, old friends, and some friends you didn't know that you already knew. Loved it.

And speaking of Get Inspired, I have some kits left over from my class. If you'd like to make a cute 6x6" mini chipboard book, head on over to my Etsy shop where I'll be listing the rest of the kits. They all include paper from the American Crafts Metropolitan line plus lots of other supplies and can be used for any subject, although I will include three pages of full-color instructions if you want to make the same project I taught in class. :)


  1. I had a blast! I will upload the photos to walmart and send you a link. k. We need to do a do-over real soon k. Oh...AND...your pgs turned out great! You've got skillz!

  2. love seeing new LOs from you & can't wait to see what you do the the RV kit!!!

  3. WOW!!!!!! crazy post... the layouts are GREAT!

  4. I LOOVE Leanne's clothes. They are gorgeous. How fun that she has an Etsy shop!


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