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So ... the secret that I mentioned yesterday? See that arrow off to the right? The one that says 'the weekend starts here'? Click on it and come check out a new collaboration. Between me and a girl who lives in the U.K. who I met because of a Vespa flickr group. Kind of funny, but true.

Kim and I have been spending the past few months exchanging ideas and long emails. Long emails. About starting up something artistic and creative combining our shared interests. For the love of vintage, photography, music, art, journaling and scrapping ... and Work Your Soul became our new brainchild. It's a challenge blog with a little bit of how-to and a lot of photography know-how. Just hop over to flickr and check out Kim's photos, and you'll see what I mean. We'll be bringing you tutorials, challenges and more to get you inspired. You'll just have to wait and see what we have in store!

We've unveiled the little beauty today ... so please take a minute to go over and say hello! And be sure to check back Friday for our first ever challenge (it's a good one - and its sure to start your weekend off with a bang.)


  1. Sounds exciting! Can't wait to see what you two have planned!

  2. Checked out the "Work Your Soul" blog and am so excited to see what's to come. Good luck to yah!

    And I love your blog! So much inspiration and I learned a cool site or two on Etsy. Thanks for sharing. =)

    Nina from the Philippines

  3. oh how fun. i'm going to check it out now. also, i vote for boot number two. wee bit more sass...and your new layouts are rockin, i love them. thanks for sharing! happy day!

  4. Kick it in Boot #2 (Pricilla) :)

  5. Oh I love the first layout and the little notebook too :D


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