the way I see it...

I can make Starbucks' caramel apple cider/spice or whatever they call it at home. So by the way, have you noticed that if you order your drink the wrong way at the 'Bux, they have to correct you? Like I sometimes order a drink with skim milk, but since I say 'skim' it never fails that they have to correct me with 'non-fat.' Me: 'I'll have a grande skim mocha.' Them: 'Okay, so a grande non-fat mocha?' Yes. Pretentious. I'm just going to keep saying skim on purpose. I've been saying it that way for years. Anyway, you can find the caramel apple cider/spice recipe here. You need to get the Starbucks cinnamon dolce syrup but it's still way cheaper to buy that huge bottle that will last forever than to buy maybe three of their drinks. No worries, Starbucks - I'm still addicted to your coffee. And snap... I just saw that they have hazelnut hot chocolate. Such a sucker.

My favorite t-shirt is fading fast... I would like to get this t-shirt to replace it. Or just in addition to it. I never throw my t-shirts away. Stacy and Clinton would have a field day with my closet. But this shirt, I must have it - if you know me, you know I love the Karate Kid.

Sweep the leg.

I also want the new Jenny Lewis. Sigh. Which just reminded me of this. Makes me laugh. I'm guilty.

I got lots of fun mail this week... including Brobee flair for my diaper bag. (Thanks to the ultimate sweetie, Patty!) And Elsie's Halloween paper kit.

Not to mention the October Red Velvet kit, which was yummy enough to eat. More photos of what I did with that soon. I am doing a tutorial this month over at RVKC so check it out. And eeeps! I made the catwalk at SIS today with the first page I made for my Steady Hand, Faulty Heart journal. Totally made my day.

This week's challenge at The Creative Type is to create your own font. (It's a busy week, right? I know!) I was going to draw something kind of blocky, but then I decided to just open up Illustrator and try to write in cursive with the mouse. Slow and low, that is the tempo. I had the song 'Dyslexic Heart' in my head that whole day, so that's where the words all came from. Funny, since it's a song about a girl who has bad handwriting. Amongst other things. Check back at the Type soon to see who the awesome Guest Designer is this week. She's the absolute perfect person for this challenge, I must say.

Last but not least, I've got a big secret that I'll be able to share very, very soon!
*NO, I'm not pregnant. We are waiting until L is maybe three before we start thinking about adding babies to the fam. :)


  1. Did you know that there is/was a punk rock band in the 90's called "Sweep the Leg Johnny?"
    BTW, LOVE the Cobra Kai Shirt!!

  2. Congrats on Catwalk!
    Karate Kid was just on TV a couple of weeks ago and I was like, "STOP, we have to watch this". My little brother (8 yrs younger than me)was sitting there and did not know what to think (he had never seen it before). Needless to say, he didn't have the appreciation the movie warrants! lol

    Have a good week!

  3. I agree with the whole starbucks ordeal, except when I say non fat they say skinny. Hmmmm.
    Just recieved the RVK yesterday, its oh so awesome. Need to do something with it this weekend.

  4. I'm loving today's post! And I'd be sad if your DM shirt was banished. Too bad, Stacey and Clinton.

  5. Quit wearing those shirts and frame them. Those suckers are going to be worth some serious change, soon!

  6. fun, fun post!! i'm so with you on the starbucks thing - it's so obnoxious. it's worse here in canada too - it's 20 x more pretentious. the worst is that they are forced to ask you insincere questions when you're at the drive through, and make chit-chat. it's soooo annoying. damn them with their delicious chai lattes - oh sorry tzao chai latte (they always correct me) ick. so what's the big news? is it the challenge blog with kim? are you two running that? it looks awesome!! or is it something even bigger!!??? i guessed right the last time missy, i'll figure it out again....

  7. i'm so excited for the new challenge blog. you and kim will make a perfect pair. :D


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