this is about to get heavy

First off, check out the sneak peak of November's 'Thankful' kit from RVKC! I'm loving the little owl paper, felt leaves and the Hambly rub-ons. Can't wait to show you the rest - papers from Cosmo Cricket and Basic Grey. More photos coming very soon!

We took Lo (a.k.a. Foofa) to Night Eyes at Blank Park Zoo last weekend. Trick or treating at the zoo is very fun. And the weather was sunny and perfect.

Check out that lion...

Awesome huge monsters along the trick or treating path.

Gotta get a pic in front of the huge Night Eyes pumpkin.

More pumpkin love...

Um, arm around the pumpkin.

And I was just about to tell poor Curious George that he probably shouldn't touch the L. At all. She's not the touchy-feely type.

Saturday was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Des Moines.

A team of us girls braved the cold morning air to walk for a good cause.

I met these girls through a local moms' group. And we've become pretty tight over the past year or two. It was fun to spend this morning together, supporting 'the girls.'

And we finally saw Metallica on Sunday night. The last time they played in Des Moines was Lollapalooza '96. I was a senior in high school, and I was there. Their show this time around was just as tight as it was twelve years ago. Plenty of the old stuff along with a few of my new faves from Death Magnetic. You've probably heard enough about them from me already, so I won't drone on about how perfectly awesome their show was. (I do have to mention, though, that Down opened, and I am definitely down with Down. Phil Anselmo of Pantera is the lead singer and he is absolutely nuts on stage. I was lucky enough to see Pantera (before Dimebag's murder) in the 90s and experience one of the most memorable concerts I've ever been to. Phil's energy on stage is hard to match and I hope to see them again around here soon.) Anyway, here are some photos from Sunday night's show. (The top five are snagged from the Des Moines Register.)

James Hetfield delivered. (And there were lazers!)

I love Kirk Hammett.

Rob Trujillo, formerly of Suicial Tendencies. This dude is scary on the bass.

Lars played crazy fast.

And this is why I love Metallica so much. The video quality sucks but the audio isn't bad. Feel free to close your eyes if it makes you dizzy. And wait for it, wait for it ... you must see the pyrotechnics.


  1. L looks so cute!!!! awesome pics of the concert too! lol with curious george, i have a similar photo of my son and me with shamu!

  2. the RV kit looks awesome. can't wait for more. thanks for sharing pictures of your little L and your concert. awesome stuff lady!! :D

  3. where the wild things are...i wanna take a pic by that monster!! my kids hate dressed up people too. reese hides at the sight of chuck e cheese.

  4. I love the looks of the new RVK

    Look at all the fun you have been having:) I am a bit jealous over here Jen!!!

  5. Wow! You've got a lot to say here! Love the November kit... the Night Eyes Pumpkin is so cool... LOVE Where the Wild Things Are... congrats on the walk... and yay for Metallica!!!!

  6. i was just showing ella the pics of lotus in her foofa costume(she's totally jeal.). just want to say thanks for your lovely email, and have a fun and safe halloween! can't wait to see the pics! xo email coming your way soon!

    oh and i'm totally buying that kit, crappy canadian dollar or not.

  7. Hehe sorry about the video quality. It is a constant battle to try to better my videos I take. I am usually pretty good at keeping my camera steady but it was sooo hard with 9 minute long songs back to back! Arg, at least my camera rocks with audio. :)

  8. missaykay - no! yours was far better than mine! (you can find it on YouTube.) my audio was okay but I did the hand-held camera thing too and mine turned out dark and TERRIBLE. thanks for letting me show yours here.

  9. oh i am so behind on my blog reading but catching up and HAD to laugh at your 'they haven't played here since lolla '96'. cuz i went to lolla '96 (but in KC not DM) and spent the entire day cursing metallica because our nice little granola festival had been inundated with biker dudes who were mean.

    ...and we were holding metallica personally responsible, obviously.



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