take my hand... we're off to never never land

Oh yes, thanks to Bo, we have killer tickets for Metallica on Sunday. There was a time in my life when general admission was the only way to go, but those days have passed. At least for a Metallica show. We got seats this time around, but good seats; I want to sit back and enjoy. I'm short and always have a hard time seeing the band from the floor anyway. So stoked to be seeing them live again... it's been awhile. (And Bo has a four day weekend, and Lotus is staying overnight at her grandparents' the night of the concert. Yay, us.)
e.t.a.You can read more about my love for Metallica in today's Datebook article - read to the bottom. (blush. i am such a nerd.)

In other news, we survived L's annual Halloween costume party - it was a big one! (blurry photos, I know... point-and-shoot + treats in one hand + toddler clinging to my legs = these lovely photos.)

For a costume party filled with 50-some kids/babies under the age of five, everything went pretty smoothly. There was tons of food, toys for the kids to play with, and trick or treating. Great practice.

Lo surprisingly kept her Foofa costume on the entire time (even the hat) and loved carrying around her treat bag like a purse. Once she had treats in the bag, she carefully laid them all out on the ground and put them into piles.

She devoured a purple frosted cookie with sprinkles and a handful of Mike & Ikes before I even knew what was happening. The girl likes candy. And who am I to refuse candy to a kid at a Halloween party. ;)

The new challenge over at The Creative Type is up! Pick a shape and fill it with words. My question mark is filled with the lyrics to the Flaming Lips song 'yeah yeah yeah/what would you do.' We saw them at an outdoor festival over the summer, and I have wanted to scrap these pics forever. I love the song's lyrics/message and somehow, this has become one of L's very favorite songs. She sings along in the car and wants to hear it every time we go somewhere. Whenever I hear this song for the rest of my life, I'll flash back to this time. It's on the daily right now. ;)

Be sure to check in at Work Your Soul this Friday for a new prompt for your weekend! It's going to be ama-zing. We're having so much fun with this and love to see what you can do, too!

I can't even believe that November 1st is coming up so fast. I'm teaching a mini-book class at Get Inspired here in Des Moines and I'm getting all the last-minute kit stuff finished this week. Nervous and excited - hope to see you there! (9 am - midnight ... can you even handle it?!)

Okay, so I'm in the basement on my Mac as I type, and I here thud thud thud on the ceiling of the room I'm working in. I get freaked out easily this time of year anyway, with all the horror movie commercials on tv and what-not, so I kind of ran upstairs almost half-thinking it was a ghost. (I'm tired.) No, it was just Bo tapping on the floor upstairs telling me to get my A off the computer and come to bed. No ghosts. So with that, I'm off. Good night. ;)


  1. Haha, I used to be the general admission type of girl to. I gave up about 2 years ago after me and my friend went GA to a concert and I got trampled on and lost. I just cant keep up anymore.
    Have a great time at your concert and I cant wait for friday and the Work your Soul new prompt!

  2. what? no mosh pit action for you?!?!? lol


    p.s. such a little cutie you have.

  3. you know, I don't even think there'd be moshing this time - we're all too old! it's the older beer-spilling dudes that I'm more worried about. ;)

  4. oh man, I would soooo love to see Metallica!!! Enjoy!


  5. have a great time there rock-star. (-;

    p.s. i wish i could take your class...)-:

  6. ok first...Rock on sistah! You know how i feel about metallica and those seats are killer.

    Second...Your daughter looks adorable! AGH i just wanna pinch her lil cheeks.

    Third...Love the page and you are gonna rock that class.

    Fourth...your last line had my ass rollin on the floor laughing. NO JOKE!


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