little things...

like my latest Etsy loves.

The Alphabet Series - issue A

duly noted. uncut.

pink Mies van der Rohe pincushion

Stuff No. 1 print

Vespa-pa-pa papers

'falling with style' letterpress

faux (real) bois charm

Gocco printed moleskine pocket notebook

pleated ruffle zip pouch

kraft jet set journal + area code notes

Ode to The Life Aquatic

wool swirl brooch with vintage button

afternoon tea jacket in marmalade (gush...!)

Important notepad

Zombie Escape Plan book journal

all of these from Rar Rar...

vintage stackable flower mugs

fall time knitted bulky scarf

Ug by Cat Rocketship

Judas Preist record cover notebook

recycled t-shirts dresses

2009 Screen/Gocco printed botanical calendar


  1. that judas notebook is pretty frikkin awesome ain't it????

    love your blog btw.


    one crafty mother***

  2. hahahaa I sooo love the Zombie Escape Plan Notebook!! I have to get that for my boyfriend! We were in the car one day talking about a bunch of nothing and we seriously (I PROMISE) started talking about what we would do if we were attacked by zombies. That is too funny!

    TGIF tomorrow!

  3. you are a dear. great finds! love that calendar.

  4. More stuff I want. Love the brooch and the pin and um pretty much most all of it. I need a money tree so I can just shop on Etsy all day.

  5. okay, i'm just one is updating their blogs so i'm back to bug you. he he. sadly, your 'hairball' pic looks almost exactly like my my high school grad pic. for real. i'll post it on my blog someday - it's baaaaad. (-; hope you had a great weekend my friend!

  6. holy cow did you ever find some awesome things!! i so want that woodgrain covered notebook!
    thanks for sharing!! :D

  7. love those finds.
    That gocco calendar is super sweet.


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