a little handmade notebook tutorial, live shows and more...

I got my Red Velvet October kit in the mail last weekend and couldn't wait to start making stuff! I became totally giddy when I saw the Hambly birdcage and bicycle papers, and the gray platform Thickers. The color scheme this month is so perfect - yellow, orange, black, red, pink, turquoise mixed with gray!

She loves pumpkins. I mean loves them.

She also loves her vegetables. Eats them up like candy. For now anyway.

And she loves walking - you may recognize these photos from my post about her first steps. Glad I recorded everything from that day on the old bloggy because I totally copied my thoughts from here for this page to put in her book.

Check out the other gorgeous projects over at the RVKC blog (more to come soon) and this month was my turn to post a little tutorial, so go give that a look as well. I made a little hand-bound notebook to keep in my nightstand for all the middle-of-the-night stuff that I always wish I had written down. :)

It's super simple to make and it makes great use of random scrap paper, catalogs, junk mail, or whatever else you have lying around the house. A simple fabric binding and some thread and you've got a cute little jotter. That birdcage paper made such a perfect cover.

Tuesday night, Bo went to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Next week I'm going with Erin to see Against Me! and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. So excited to go. And funny how all this live music comes in spurts. Now we just have to scrounge up enough $$$ for Metallica tickets for the show later this month. Sigh.

Tonight Bo and I are going to Burn After Reading for our long overdue date night. I already know we'll both enjoy this movie. I mean, really, it's the Coen brothers. Love the poster, too.

And now I need your vote on something very important.

Boot #1 (Latoria)

or Boot #2 (Pricilla)

It's really a question of would I rather have a mid-calf boot or high boot, and $10 price difference. But I can't decide so let me know which one is rocking the most attitude.

And as posted on Twitter:
INFORMATION: Ben Folds has divorced the wife to whom he was married when he wrote The Luckiest. This means the song is A LIE.

Don't forget to stop by and see us tomorrow (Friday) at Work Your Soul! Our very first amazing challenge will knock your socks off. You really won't believe it - mind-blowing, I promise. Your weekend starts here.

Good stuff, fun fall days, boot decisions, and lots of projects to keep me busy. Can't beat it. :D


  1. i love boot #2 deff more rockin!

    and i LOVE ryan adams! im sure the show was amazing : )

  2. i agree boot 2 is my fav... I love ur pages ur tutorial is great! I will make one darn it! I dont know when but i will lol! The blog sounds fun! Oh and i need to save some mulah for metallica too but i have till dec at least. But sheesh nothing like right by christmas ugh!

  3. my lord, have some fun posts these days...(-; okay ryan adams, so so {heart} him - you're like my music twin. it's funny that metallica and ryan adams are in the same sentence. he he. and ben folds is a LIAR - good thing you called him out. bastard. (just kidding with the unwarranted harshness). and for the record i like the tall boots but that's because i have....ahem 'muscular' calves, and those shorties don't hit my legs in a good place, in other words they make my legs look like giant, shapeless logs. somehow i think you can probably get away with it. (-; seriously, could i blabber on any more?

  4. can i get a link to those boots?

    i love the first pair. but they are both fantastic.

  5. Im soooo waiting for tomorrow. Fun you shall speak of boots, I am in full boot search mode. They have to be brown and slip on and cute with kneww high cable socks and dresses. I really like the two you picked out there!!!

    Im still searching

  6. Definitely boot #2! I love your work! So inspiring! Can't wait to see the challenge tomorrow!

  7. in case you didn't see this question on the rvk blog, whence the red paper with pink bikes? i adore it! (-dating a guy who's never driven cars...)

  8. the red paper with bicycles is brand new Hambly and it's included in this month's RV kit!

  9. Ok, boot #2 for sure!!

    I already visited yours and Kim's challenge site last night and left some love. I will check back later today (and yes, probably while I am at work...like I am now. he he) and see what challenge I need to attempt this weekend.

    I am so happy for Friday!

    Have a good weekend!

  10. i'm going with boot #2. seems more versatile. totally stinkin' cute too.

    can i just say how freakin' bummed i am about ben folds. that's so crappy. and that was our first dance...our "song" if you will. hope the bad karma doesn't rub off. jerk.

  11. i love boot number 2 by the way! :D
    love love loveeee it.

    kim needs some go go boots to do some dog walkin' in!

    i just love your RVK things. i'm just looking at the kit, sitting on my desk and tring to decide if i should 'stay or go'. haha. stay and scrap or go and do homework.

    you're tempting me!!!

  12. I say get both boots. There are definite benefits to both mid calf and knee highs. Both are equally delish in color and practicality. Get them both, I'm sure you deserve it...I love that new RV kit, we're off to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and then it's on!
    Just found your blog via some other blog, very cool, I'm saving it...

  13. I have exactly two seconds to be downtown, but I had to comment on the most perfect AM! photo I've ever seen. I was one of those girls that was getting pissed I was being knocked into, but it wasn't the knocking, it was the obnoxious knockers - you know them, they only TRUE fans at the show. I'm like a freakin' magnet for them. Never been to a show - definitely never seen them at an AM! show and now they seem to be the only ticket holders. Anyway, I'm old. It was so rad and I'm glad I went and I cried when Korto lost PR, but I'm glad Leanne won. I called her the dark horse from the beginning, so I have that in my pocket. I hope you have a good weekend - am late to do wedding flowers (always have my hands in something)!


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