let it be

This weekend:
* garage sale
* apple crisp
* blueberry muffins
* crackers and cheese
* hot chocolate/caramel apple cider
* attempting to stay warm

Sooooo happy that Leanne won PR. She totally deserves it, and I loved so many pieces from her collection. I really liked how Korto's line came out, too.

Wednesday, Erin and I went to Against Me! ...

... and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists downtown at Peoples. It was a pretty good show. Funny girls who were surprised/angry that people were pushing them around, but hey, sorry, you're at a punk show. Crappy photos, but here's what I got. First photo flash, second photo no flash. Both suck. (help me Kim!)

Speaking of Kim, I wasn't sure what to do with this page for my Wreck this Journal. So I sent it off to the UK in a little package to her, and now it's in her hands. Or it will be, once the package gets there.

This week, we are really noticing how many words L can say. She can count (kind of) and point out numbers that she sees. She can say certain letters in the alphabet. She knows her colors. Animal sounds. Please and thank you. She can 'read' a few of her books by herself. She can put together 2-3 word phrases. She'll attempt to repeat almost anything. And as shown in the photo above, we are finding that she is really blossoming as an artist. (hee)

My mom visited last weekend. My mantra when she's here is 'keep calm and carry on' but things have been okay with us lately. Despite our troubled past. I gotta learn to let go, and let it be. It's easier to forget the bad stuff when I see her having fun with little Lo. And L is the exact reason that I need to keep the past in the past and focus on the new and the positive. That should probably be my new mantra.

We had such a fun afternoon last Sunday playing at Pearson Park. Lotus can go down the slide by herself. This is clearly the look of pride.

So is this.

And like most kids,

she could swing at the park all day.

Pearson has grassy hills and big trees, and the leaves were falling all around us. The weather was awesome - just a perfect last-of-the-warm-stuff fall day.

Leaves are cool...

...happy day. :)


  1. YAY!
    okay, right- that last photo makes me want to do a body-swap! awwww. let me have the cute family with the fall leaves, please?!?!!!

    haha. seriously ad-or-a-ble.

    (not really, but i wisshhhh)
    i'm so on this!

    oh. gig photos. ughh. puke. i have such a hard time with gig photos. i will send an e-mail after i do some homework today. :D
    p.s. rode on the back of a scooter for the first time in, like three months. it felt like fllyyyiiinngggggg. little 'L' is so lucky to have a mum and dad who are cool like you.

  2. oh that little lotus....she's taking up too much of the cuteness in the world!! amazing how she coloured all the yo gabba gabba pics perfectly, not going outside the lines even once. wow. (-; you're going to have to explain this wrecked journal to me......i'm confused...yet intrigued...and mothers...yes, i understand all to well. we'll have to chat about that someday. i only refer to mine as 'lea' or 'my mother'. nuf said. (-;

    have a great weekend with that beautiful family of yours!!

    xo sandy

  3. Love all the pictures and your little one is just adorable.

  4. That drink looked sooo goood.

    Your daughter is just so cute, especially where she is painting the Yo Gabba Gabba characters:)

    Dont ya just love Keri Smith?? I just ordered her new one, I should get it any day.

    Have a great weekend girl!

  5. those are great pics, Jen!!

  6. 1 caramel apple cider to go please. Yum....

  7. Cute, cute pics! Looks like a good day! :D


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