I heart Leanne

Dear Leanne,

I love you.

Please win. I know you will. Your wedding dress was divine, the bridesmaid dress was perfection, your collection appears to be killer, and your color palette is dreamy + crisp + full of my fave hues of blue. Go on and womp those other girls. Do this. xo.

I finally got caught up on some missed episodes of PR last night and now I am positive that there is no way that Leanne will not win this season. I have been in love with her all along (how adorable was she when she was lurking around the workroom like a spy on the Diane Von Furstenberg challenge?! And remember in the first episode when she said she thought her fellow contestants will underestimate her because of her quiet demeanor but assured us that she is the “silent fashion assassin?”) It's thrilling to see what she's going to make, I like how she dresses herself, she has such a cute, quiet personality, and she really is the best of the bunch.

And waahh, Kenley... calm down and check yourself before you wreck yourself. Never mind, too late. Check out this extended scene of Kenley's rudeness to the judges (and everyone on earth.) Unless you think she's had enough attention. Then don't.


  1. Oh oh, Leanne is my fav out of the them as well. And Kenley soo bothers me. I think Leanne will win. I saw them on a morning show, the remaining 4 and she had something about her, like she was trying to hold back the fact that she won!!!!!

  2. Oh you guys are sooo lucky to have the latest PR series..we are sooo behind!

    Sounds like so much drama, fun and stylish divas! Love that!!


    P.S Get this...the word verification down below for me is: sistvv thats rad.

  3. That girl is a biotch! lol And the way she talks to Heidi...is unreal!! If I met Heidi, I would be like, "Hello, your majesty!" haha

    That is so crazy...yet, entertaining!

  4. hey sandy, omg, teething... i was so glad it wasn't my kid and i could give her back. she's got a cold on top of everything and she was running a fever. lots of fun, lots of fun :) i just can't wait to have my own!

    do youknow, do they put PR out on DVD? Cuz I never have time to watch it...but love it and could do the DVD thing...

  5. Super cute post! I visit your blog often and I love your scrap pages! They have totally inspired me to get back into scrapping...and to think outside the box! Thanks!
    Carol :]

  6. Kenley bugs me SO MUCH!! I really don't understand how they could have justified keeping her on. URGH!!

  7. we (my husband and i, that is...yeah, i know!! cute eh?) think leanne is gonna win it!! can't wait to find out. :D
    and i love that picture you have of her. she's adorable!

  8. Kenley believes her own hype a little too much!

  9. I am sorry to admit I don't watch the show.. but love your commentary :)

  10. stupid canadian tv is so far behind, AND then the station switched the night it airs so i've missed the whole bloody thing....waaaaaaah!! arses. so i have no idea what the hell you're talking about. but i trust your judgement. (-;

  11. "i am the fashion assassin"

    i LOVE this! i repeated this at some point of EVERY viewing of EVERY episode! happy that she won!


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