Today, I'll be here. All day, all night, word to your mother.

I'll be teaching this class. (It didn't sell out so I'll probably be selling extra kits on the Etsy shop if you're interested - only $15!)

I have been seriously illin' all week and today I completely lost my voice, which is lovely timing knowing that I'm going to need to say something during my class, and it's going to have to be louder than a whisper. Wish me lots and lots of luck. ;)

And wow. Get ready to pounce on this one. Check out the goods in November's kit from Red Velvet Kit Club. It will be officially up for grabs Monday, November 3, so be ready! You'll be sad if you miss out. (Umm, check out those colors! Doesn't Rachel do an amazing job? Yup. I know.)


  1. Good luck today! Be thinking about you. I'll definitely get a kit from you.

  2. oh yeah, i'll totally be getting a kit too! good luck!! you'll be killer fo sho. (-:

  3. I love your mini...so cool looking!
    Good luck being able to talk in class. lol

  4. Good luck on your class. The project looks great.


  5. I am awaiting the kit!!! The money has been put aside:)

    And I have to say that I would totally purchase your kit.

  6. How much do I love your "blog" "gang sign"?! So Awesome. You've got some great stuff here I like!

    Anyway I came over to say thanks for hitting up and leaving a comment over at SayIt, hopefully we'll get to see you join some of our challenges!


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