September goodness...

I got my September Red Velvet kit in the mail a couple days ago... oh yeah, I already blogged about my excitement, didn't I. Anyway. Have you seen the re-design of the RVKC blog? It's awesome if you haven't checked it out yet - my girls Michelle and Marie have absolutely rocked it. And Theresa's gallery + fun tutorial is up over there already, so go check it all out.

I had so much fun with this kit and these Sassafras + Scenic Route papers were just too perfect for making pages about the L. So I used a lot of her photos this time - so many cute stories to tell and to add to her book.

L's fave word this summer has been 'flower' and she wants to pick everything she sees, even weeds.

We have this awesome sculpture ('El Alma del Ebro,' by Juame Plesnsa) in downtown Des Moines at Gateway Park and it makes for some rad pictures when you stand inside...

Total sweetness when she wakes up in the morning, and these pj's are just my favorite. They were labeled on the tag as 'yoga loungewear' which just totally cracks me up and they're the softest material ever. Wish I had some. (Okay, enough about the pajamas.)

This page is for Dare 107. Which is about telling a lie.

And this might have been the most fun project of all. Rachel had mentioned seeing some Martha Stewart paper covered clipboards, and then I ran across some more at a local vintage shop where they used old paper and the glossed over it with some kind of sealant. So this is just a paper collage + that adorable green pom-pom trim glued to the clip and then I covered the collage with clear contact paper (included in this month's kit) to keep the paper from getting messed up. Totally cute and durable.

So yeah, this time of year really gets me in the mood to make stuff. It also gives me a good excuse to hide away at my desk downstairs with a warm Starbucks beverage of some sort and listen to some fab tunes. Still listening to the new Slipknot (yes, metal is part of my creative soundtrack) and the new Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst and the mix that Kim sent me. (But Kim, if you read this, I gotta get the playlist from you because I can't see the artists or song titles - and I have to know who sings the one that goes 'oh my god I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home.' Very catchy, that one.)

So going along with my it's-fall-let's-make-something mood, I'm super stoked to get started on an exciting project that Rachel has dreamed up. Check out her blog post here to see some totally inspiring photos of what I'm talking about. It's an online art journaling class - the first installment started last month and now we're on part two. It's glorious and I've poured over her ideas/photos/writings/materials over the last few weeks and I'm just hoping to set aside a few hours to go crazy fun with it. Ack. I can hardly wait. If this sounds like something that would be fun for you too, check it out here and join me in this super freeing creative experience. Trust me, let Rachel be your guide.


  1. 3 Things:

    1 - that song is Kaiser Chiefs - they opened for Foo Fighters a couple of years ago and I absolutely fell in love with them. Their live show = amazing. :)

    2 - your pages are amazing. I wish I was HALF that creative. I have so much to catch up on...

    3 - your pictures - do you print them off at home on just regular paper? or do you get actual prints? My problem is never finding time [or money] to go get prints :)

  2. :D
    had to give you some blog love, but i'll be sending you a little e-mail with the list now! :DDD

    you rock rock rockkk the RVK!
    ohhh. i'm so so jealous.
    (haha, i took my mini book that i made into school today, and everyone was like. OH. MY. GOD. i think i've converted a few!! haha)

    p.s. oh yes. kaiser cheifs! haha. knew you'd like that!

  3. That clipboard is so cute! You rocked the RV kit!

    Love from fellow Typist, Steph x

  4. Love all of it, beautiful work as always--but the waking up one is so sweet and creative. It's almost as if you can imagine all the things that are popping into Lotus's head as she is ready to greet the day. :)

    You rocked the clipboard--I wanna make one too. I don't even know that I need a clipboard. I just want one. Ha.

    Also pompoms are definitely awesome. That is all.

  5. love your layouts, they are awesome! :)

  6. Amazing layouts. I love them. And I did see the new layout at RVKC. Michelle did an awesome job!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Jen this stuff is wicked awesome! I love all your creations! You rocked the kit girlie!

    Lily allen redid that Kaiser Chiefs song so if it is a girl that is who it is.

    Metal is in my creative playlist too. Slipknot is pretty awesome but SOAD is my fav.

    I too am having fun with Rachel's class! Soooo bad ass!

  8. oh how i love your blog! (-;

    your new pages are so friggin' cute, as is your little peanut. and holy moly does she have the cutest crib and bedding? i think i'd nap there. (-;

    i might sign up for rachel's i don't have a million things to do that aren't more diversion is always good.

    if it makes you feel better i'll pretend that you're scarry and tough. -;


    i love your pages.
    love your style.
    love your blog!


    loves pretty girl!


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