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First of all, Death Magnetic has swept my little metal-loving heart of its feet. You must understand, Metallica might have been my very first love. Maybe just a little scary for a sixth (seventh?) grade small town girl in 1991, but I was into it. Bad. I bought the black album, the best-selling heavy metal album of all time, with babysitting money. My first cassette tape. I have seen them play live many times, and they'll always be one of my favorite bands. But now, they go ahead and put out heavy metal perfection. (And I'll admit, I was skeptical and figured I wouldn't like this album. I did not like St. Anger.) But if I could travel back in time (yes, I'm imagining time travel again) and listen to this album back then, I'd never guess it would be put out 20-some years after Master of Puppets. (Did that make sense?) They're back. Old school Metallica ... fast and heavy and perfect.

This is cool. The Esquire e-ink (as in electric ink) issue. We picked up the last one on the rack. Impressive. See it in action here. Neat-o.

The Sequined Shoe. This is my new fave Etsy shop with tons of fun creative little things to make you happy, all made by the talented Kara.

(Hope you don't mind that I jacked your photo, Kara, but wanted to show off how awesome your stuff is.)

This Saturday, lovely Erin and I will be selling our goods at the Beaverdale Fall Festival. Never done this before, so wish us luck, come say hi if you're in the area - and pray for nice weather.

Here's some pics of this weird purpley-pink sky a couple of nights ago. That I took just for fun. It's fall, if you haven't noticed. I actually sort of hadn't. This whole time I've been thinking we'd have one more week where it was really hot and in the 80s-90s. I didn't put L's summer tank tops + shorts away just because I was so sure it would get really hot again. We didn't have enough of a transition this season, and as much as I dig sweaters and jeans, I wasn't quite ready for fall.

I've been illin' for the past week (poor L too) so we've ended up watching quite a few movies. Bo and I, that is. Lotus doesn't really have the patience to watch movies with us and they're usually not suitable for little eyes and ears anyway. We watched No Country for Old Men (Javier Bardem has me officially creeped out) and Dan in Real Life and the last few episodes in season four of Entourage. So feeling a little bit more caught up in some way and had some nice relaxing couch time with my dude. Which is nice when you're not feeling so hot.

And I've been wearing my glasses more. Like I'm supposed to. Helps with the headaches. And they help me see. I took this photo for the first part of Rachel's 'Steady Hand, Faulty Heart' and I'm super antsy to get going. I've been meaning to get started on this new art journal project for too long and I can't wait to sit down and go forth. And I'm totally annoyed that I haven't had time to paint my nails dark again. It bugs me when they're plain. Maybe later tonight.

I mailed off my 'wreck this journal' yesterday. I couldn't find my masking tape or duct tape so I used this bright yellow electrical tape that I used one year for Halloween to make Uma Thurman/Kill Bill customized Asics for my costume. Um, what was I saying? Yeah. I taped up my journal yesterday. Mailed it to myself...

...and it came back today in surprisingly good shape. I was kind of bummed.

So I ripped off the tape, hoping to do a little more damage. It worked. And the instructions say that you have to take it everywhere with you, so I know that will cause more wreckage. Life in the diaper bag is dangerous.

I also cracked the spine.

(Text in the photos is backwards because I'm taking these pictures on my Mac. Tongue is out because I'm serious about destruction.) I'll be posting more photos of my wrecking process on Flickr if you're bored and want to check it out.

That is all for now. Not too exciting, huh. But this is my life. ;)


  1. dude! i totally wanna wreck a journal too!

  2. oh i want that journal...can't wait to see it wrecked:)

    much love!

  3. Awww. You are a sweetie, Jen.

    I love the idea of wrecking journals.

    Fricken' awesome.

  4. You're such a bad ass. tee-hee! Metallica, Death Magnetic, Slip Knot, Wreck This Journal! Lovin it! L has a super cool mom!

  5. MY "wreck this journal" has been sitting on a shelf, collecting dust. You have inspired me to take it out again:)

  6. "Metallica might have been my very first love."

    hands off woman. (-; oh we so have to swap metallica stories sometime!! hey via web cam now - woot! let's just say i was in grade 12 when the black album came out so you can imagine. it was love. still is. oh i have some fab rocker photos of myself. scarry indeed. ahhhh....

    i need to wear my glasses more too. seriously my dr said neurovascularisation (wth?) so i probably should stop being so damn vain. (-; you've inspired me..he he.

    goog luck at the festival!! you'll be a smash hit!

    i'm confused about this wrecked journaling business...hmph. xo

  7. hmmm, maybe I should do more than just look though my wreck this journal lovingly. it just goes against my be-nice-to-books nature. guess i'll just have to let that go, huh!

  8. i wanna wreck a journal too!
    however, i am a hardcore book lover. i just don't know if i have it in me to destroy one.
    and, i'm pretty sure my purse could double as a bomb shelter. nothing ever gets messed up in that thing.

  9. what is the wreck the journal thing? i'm totally intrigued!! looks like so much fun.
    and i'm in love with kara's etsy too. isn't she the cutest??

  10. you rock! love reading your blog!
    want that journal!!

  11. Ok so can it be true u like slip and metallica? WHAT? I thought I was the only scrapper who loved metal?!? Yes i found a fellow metal head?! Is it true? Ahahah well my hubby is a hardcore metallica fan... He is a member of the club and got the album early. I must say its way better then i thought too. I m not a fan of st anger but give me kill em all up until justice and im in heavy metal heaven! This one I must say is pretty awesome! Altough i was not happy with the video they put out kinda blah! Ahahaha enough of my music talk...Its so nice tho to find someone who loves the same music as me! Oh and we are going to see them in dec in Oakland! YAY! THey are by far one of the best bands to see live.

    Thats a pretty cool journal too heheh!

  12. You're gonna kill at the Beaverfest - I'm gonna come find you if we make it down. My boy loves that gig. We usually go every day of it.

    Talk about Flow. I loved this post!

    BTW, Do you like Blogger? Did I ask you that already? I'm thinking about putting everything over here - my host update and photos are impossible!

  13. lol that is so cool! i just ordered this the other day! i can't wait to receive it :)

  14. What new stuff from Metallica that I have heard (on Squizz, XM) is wicked good! Rock on, sista, rock on!
    Have a good weekend!

  15. 1. so... what is your name on flickr / steady hand faulty heart?

    2. glasses are sexy

    3. i'm too tired to remember it... i'll comment again...


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