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Challenge #3 is up at The Creative Type - check it. It's very simple - quotations. Use a quote in the background of your page. I love this quote by Van Gogh so that is what I used.

Love what you do, do what you love.

That's what I think about when people wonder why I like to stay up late and make stuff or scrap or paint or attempt to sew.

It's what I like to do, people. Can't help it.

And check out this super sweet preview of the October kit from Red Velvet Kit Club. Drool + yum. Houndstooth, awesome brights, what appears to be some very cool journaling blocks (fork+knife+spoon!) and that orange scalloped frame is a custom vinyl scalloped rub-on made just for RVKC. Plus Hambly and Sassafras, people. You can get yours from the Etsy shop on October 1st - be ready to pounce! Also available will be paper packs from previous kits on clearance - so if you missed one over the summer, now's your chance to pick one up at a very nice price. :)

Season two of Yo Gabba Gabba started this week, which is cause for celebration at our house. (Yes, of course we're still celebrating L walking!) But we're also happy about not watching season one over and over again. This show is still L's absolute favorite and nothing else will turn her frown upside-down when she's not having an especially good day. Great music all around this week. Like great. We'll have to sit and watch these new episodes over and over again (like we did last's true, children like repetition) so us adults can analyze the tiny details. Like wasn't DJ Lance Rock's collar and cuffs on his sleeves white before, not yellow? Did Mark Mothersbaugh cut his hair? Is the Brobee costume new? And the sky behind Muno's land... didn't it used to be purple, not blue? (I don't mind the changes, Gabba folks... just sayin'... I noticed.)

I'm really tempted to try and pull off this Party in my Tummy cake at L's 2nd birthday party. I'm guessing that the food on top is fondant ... the grandparents may be confused by this, though. A log cake is not very appetizing, I'll admit. In fact, this one almost resembles a ham. It's very Ren and Stimpy... it's big, it's heavy, it's wood... it's better than bad, it's good.

I am going to attempt to make a Foofa costume for L to wear this Halloween. It's going to be more of a sweatpants/stuffed sweatshirt version with a felt collar + flower, but it should work.

Speaking of making things... I hung out with my girls last night and we actually sewed our aprons. We even gave them names, which have already escaped my tired brain. The whole process may have been a lot more challenging if Cat hadn't been there to guide us. (a.k.a. master seamstress/clothing designer extraordinaire/student at Parsons. Yes, that Parsons.) My end result was a little sloppy but I love it and already want to make more. There's so many cool prints out there (and Amy keeps sending me fabric porn) and I just want to keep going. But even better than my finished project was a whole night of laughing and goofing around with three very fun girls. We originally met through a local moms' group, and our common bond was based around our kids. But now it's so much more than that. Which is pretty cool.


  1. i ADORE your apron. now i want to get sewing too.... maybe i can convince my mom to let me borrow her sewing machine. hmmmm.... :P

  2. I love your apron and your page, so awesome!! I haven't watched YGG, but on the soup!! lol, I always crack up at seth?! lol

  3. Oh i love the apron...

    and Madi Kay is obsessed with GABBA GABBA...its taught her a LOT...sometimes I'm like????? shouldn't i have taught you that?

    have a great weekend!

  4. i love that quote, and van gogh is my fave - we have the same birthday even. (-;

    and...most importantly - yo gabba gabba!!! weeeeeeeeeeee!!! how exciting!! this is a very big deal here thanks to you i've got 'there's a party in my tummy' stuck in my head right now. (-;

    fabric porn....ah ha.

  5. We all have to start somewhere on a sewing machine. I think you did great! Have fun with it...soon you won't even need a pattern, then it gets really exciting!

  6. Your blog is eye-candy! i love the apron! Your little girl is the sweetes thing, i love the jeans!
    take care


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