It was a nice, relaxing weekend. No big plans, just the three of us doing random stuff together. Like stalking Target and Wal-Mart (ugh, we normally avoid Wal-Mart but this is an exception) and Toys'R'Us for the new Yo Gabba Gabba Toys. I think we secretly want them more than Lotus.

We would have done more outdoorsy-type things if it hadn't been 95 degrees with crazy humidity and no breeze whatsoever every single day. I always envision our weekends full of picnics and walks around Gray's Lake and then I step outside and decide it's just not going to happen. Especially with a kid under the age of two. I hate it when she gets all sweaty in her stroller - it makes me feel bad.

I have decided that I feel totally weird without dark nail polish on at all times. I try to take a few days off here and there, but then it drives me crazy and I have to paint my nails again. I have never in my life cared about nail polish - maybe only on my toes but never my fingernails. I don't know what happened to me here!

I got turned on to the best blog ever. By my friend, Sarah. English Fail. My favorite post is the 'puppeys' and 'pappers' on the same sign. Someone stop me from running around town taking photos of misspelled signage...

I also updated my Facebook. I used to be so annoyed by Facebook. But then I saw how many people were on there and had to jump on the wagon. This weekend I found some long-lost girlfriends - from high school - that I haven't heard from in ten years and I seriously got a little tear in my eye when I found their photos. I can't wait to hear from them and find out what they're doing now. The internet really is the best.


  1. aww crap! why did you have to tell me about those yo gabba gabba toys! i don't even have a kid young enough to watch it but i want them! hee.

  2. LOVE the toys...and your blog...im web surfing while im waiting for the dr:)



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