Dare 106 is up! Go check it out immediately. It's beyond cool. (my little project is in the photo above... you can click on it to see it better.)

Jamaica put together several mini-kits filled with woodgrain and letterpress papers that were too yummy to even touch.

And then us lucky girls got to make whatever we wanted with them. Way too much fun, I tell you. And so much gorgeousness from everyone. Totally perfect way to start off the long weekend.

And while we're on the subject of long weekends, Bo and I are off to Kansas City tomorrow. Last-minute trip but I'm super excited to shop (or at least browse) at good old Anthro and Paper Source and American Apparel and UO's and Betsey Johnson and my favorite kids' store in the world (thanks to Erin,) Lillibelle. We're definitely going to hit the Power and Light District, too. Bo and I have not had an entire day like this alone, together, for a long time. So we're very excited. Drinks and a nice dinner for two are in the plan.

On a less thrilling and more boring note...

I organized L's clothes yesterday. Which sounds daunting (and boring) but I like projects like that. (Why I am writing about this, I don't know... stop reading now. You have my permission.) I went through all of her clothes to see what we still need to buy for fall, and put the rest away in the pink storage bin. The jean count was lower than I expected. But we're ahead of the game in other areas. We already have her Christmas dress and two winter coats (that I bought at the end of the season last year.) And I discovered that her checkered Vans slip-ons finally fit now! I've waited for those babies to fit for months. I'm still getting used to this new clothing rotation. One of the hardest things for me to deal with is packing away these cute outfits after only one season because they're too small!? No fair, I say. I get sentimental when I don't think she had the chance to wear a certain shirt or dress enough times. And it's always crazy to see the new jeans in new, bigger sizes that look so 'huge' that I can never imagine them fitting. (And then a few months later, they do.) It's bizarre and I'm never ready for it. L is growing but I can never see it while it's happening and as a result, things sneak up on me.

I have some super exciting news that will be announced in just a couple of days! Like Monday, to be exact. Can't say anything yet, but it's big.

In the meantime, happy long weekend!


  1. Oooh, girl, that mini is so pretty! I still can't get enough woodgrain.

    And as soon as we bought that pink chair I wanted to e-mail you and tell you because I knew you'd understand how thrilled I was to actually have one in my very own home!!!

    I think if we ever have a baby girl, it will definitely be moved in as the rocker of choice. I love that idea.

    Oh, I get the same way with Sebastian's clothes. They grow too fast! Have fun in KC!

  2. your dinner and drinks for two sounds so nice. enjoy and have a great weekend! :D

  3. well....

    a. have fun in kc!! woot!!
    b. i so here you about the baby clothes - ella finally fit into here converse in november - very helpful when she's in boots - and prompty outgrew them by february - bye bye snow. grrrr..
    c. the mini is so amazing!! i'm going to go look at jamaica's site and see if she'll sell me one!!!
    d. oh, please, please tell me the big new - i won't tell!!! i have a guess though....and it's not that you're pregnant - why is that always the first guess every one has?? (-: have fun!

  4. just stopped by for the first time...i like it! really like your work as well...nice mini, ooh and i love the idea of the sod chair in your older post!

  5. that little book at the top is amazing! oh my gosh!! :D

  6. I stumbled upon your blog from Theresa's and read about your Anniversary. SO cute I must say!!!! Love the Chucks in the Tux!!! Congrats on 4 years
    Just thought I would say Hi or something!!! LOL


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