I grew up with these girls...

Our girls' weekend @ Jane's family cabin...

• 'it was on a Wednesday...'
• sparklers
• eating @ the muskie
• sunburns out on the dock
• cabin coffee
• the most fantastic retro dishes/glasses/towels ever
• sleeping bag slumber party
• camp fire
• s'mores
• blue UV
• real strawberry daiquiris
• laughing
• snorting
• a big wooden fish
• being rebellious
• no serious injuries
• zero inhibitions
• '3 weeks... I mean 3 blocks away'
• pedicures
• gorgeous sun + perfect breeze
• 90s remix
• no internet, no emails, no laptops
• no phone calls (except for short 'checking-in, we're still alive' calls)
• talking about good times
• tears over the sad times
• non-stop girl talk *

* just what we needed


  1. hi jen!
    well, i had a lovely package waiting for me when i came home! oh it was lovely!
    expect one coming your way soon!!

    you know you sent me an e-mail earlier this month about a challenge blog? well, i've swapped computers and it got lost.
    if you're still game, so i am!
    i have some ideas.

    let me know, it'd be a privlage to play with you!!

  2. Omigoodness...sounds like the funnest weekend ever! Annnd...I think S.Pratt is just malicious!...she is related to Spencer, after all. he he..Dude: excited bout the new Ep. tomorrow - loving your blog, girl!

  3. I love weekends like that. Its so great to reconnect.


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