Guest Designer for RVKC!

So yeah, I'm stoked to be the August guest designer for Red Velvet Kit Club. I was so excited when super talented Rachel asked me to play this month - and what an awesome, bright kit (with lots of Hambly and fun extras, like fridge magnets.)

Now I get to share what I made with all the loveliness...

Photos from the inside of our house. (This is the kind of thing I always wish I had taken photos of, but never do.)

And this is the house I grew up in. Totally a lot of mixed emotions with this one, but again, this is a photo that I'm so grateful to have. I can look and remember that the top window on the right was my bedroom window, and that there used to be a birch tree in the front yard that I used to sit under every day in the summer. And we lived across the street from the swimming pool...

And photos of L outside our house - had to document the place where she'll be growing up.

The street sign on our corner.

I made a little book to keep all my interior design inspiration stuff in (it's going to fill up quickly.)

You can still get your August and July Red Velvet kit (which is on sale) here! I've been having a blast playing with Kim's radical Vespa papers from last month ... because you know I have no shortage of Vespa-related photos laying around. Yikes.

I'm having a blast brainstorming ideas for Rachel's journaling class that I'm taking. It's jam-packed with ideas to get you started on the right track and I can't wait to get going. Fun fun FUN projects all around! Happy summer. (It's not over yet.)


  1. Oh, I loved these so much!!!

    THanks for your great home layouts, Jen!

  2. OMG, so cute. so much awesomness! thanks for sharing, i love it all.

  3. Great pages and I love the little journal! :)

  4. Gorgeous Layouts!!!!!!!
    I love the home journal!!!!!!

  5. So, these layouts rule. Love what you did with the kit! I can't wait to dig into mine.... kind of feeling a bit uninspired lately but I think seeing these helped!

  6. You rocked that kit girlie! Love that journal and everything in it! Pages are awesome! Those tags were fabulous! :)

  7. what? is that you? this is crazy, congratulations! :)
    wow, it's nice to see you are doing real life things in the scrapbooking universe! i sooo want to send you an email, my life is hilariously disintegrated lately. i think i'd feel fullfilled if i scrapped more, yet, i barely have the breathing time. paradoxical...
    i'll write, i'll try to hound myslef to slooow down!

  8. These layouts are FANTASTIC.

  9. wow...thanks so much for for you super-nice comment and visit!! i have been diggin' your blog for ages - you got the most fab taste!! that mini is too cool. congrats on the rv gig!!


  10. hey, thanks for stopping by and for your comment on my 'Crazy' wall-hanging! I love these home-themes layouts, and I am totally going to lift the You Are Here one for my own kiddo!

  11. Just discovered your blog thanks to the rdv club!!!!!! you're so amazing!! i love the stuffs you did!!!!
    you rock rock rock
    nessa, from belgium


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