fair time

Summer just wouldn't be right without visiting the Iowa State Fair. And while I'm not a big fan of walking around dusty, dirty fairgrounds while you're hot and sweaty, this year's weather proved to be much nicer than usual. It was a record-breaking year - over 1.1 million people attended (maybe because of my new least-favorite word - the staycation. I don't know why but I don't care for that word.)

Lotus and I shared a corn dog (amongst other treats) and we spent the day with Bo's family and our nieces and nephew from Chicago - it's their tradition to come to the state fair with us every year.

Here's Emma with a corn dog (a girl who loves fair food just as much as I do.)

Lilly with her trademark cheese pizza.

And cutie little Drew with an armful of temporary tattoos.

And we can't resist the things with the cut-outs for your face. (Notice poor Bo hoisting L's stroller up so she can get in the photo.)

We did not see the Shawn Johnson sculpture made of butter (but seeing a photo on the internet was fine with me.) If you're not from Iowa and have no idea what I'm talking about, there's a lady who carves a cow out of a huge block of butter each year at the fair, and this year she also carved a butter Shawn. (Google it if you think I'm making this up.)

We took L to 'Little Hands of the Farm' - super cute. You walk through the farm, pick vegetables, gather eggs and pretend to milk a cow - I think there was a rubber glove type thing hanging from the plastic cow's udder but we sorta skipped that part) and then harvest your crop for $1, which you can use to buy a treat at the 'store'...

... we used our $1 for a bomb pop.

And this may be my fave photo from our last day there... ('quit smiling and just give me the corn dog, mom!')

Can't wait to go back next year... actually, I can. It's fair to say that our family is fair-ed out for now.


  1. I LOVE that little shrimp shirt!!!! hehe!
    Great fair pics!!

  2. Cute photos! I love the fair, it's SO Iowa. I've gone every single year of my life, so now it's kind of a "thing" and I think my little boy will be doing the same ;)

  3. such cute pics!! gotta love a fair - and yes, especially the food!! yum! (-:

  4. oh my god, that corn dog pic is priceless. you'll have to put that on display when she's 13 and embarrassed of everything, hah!

  5. yum...fair food.

    and yay for you w/ the creative type thing! so glad i get to work with your awesomeness!!

  6. i absolutly must agree! that last one is a total keeper, love how fast everyone is moving in the background and you guys are chilling. haha.

  7. hey there! nice to see photos of your gorgeous girl, looks fun... here in MN we are well acquainted with butter sculptures, although i had to google shawn (go, midwest!)
    lotus looks more into the corn dog than the bomb pop, wish alex would think about something besides ice cream at mealtime!
    interesting, i won a bonus elsie box from steadyhand, suspicious... in any case, all this is really inspiring my scrapping :)


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