the big news...

So, I've been dying to spill my secret, and today it's official, so I can go ahead and say it...

Yes! I am the newest member of the Red Velvet Kit Club Design Team!

Yup, that's right. Only the coolest kit club on the block.

So you can't imagine my excitement. I was absolutely stoked to be invited to join in as Guest Designer during the month of August. That alone was too much fun, and I couldn't have imagined being asked to do anything more.

But then I got the sweetest email from Rachel after my guest stint was over, and she was wondering if I'd like to join the RVKC Design Team. (Ummm, YES?!) So now I get to play with with all of Rachel's delicious conglomerations with three fabulous girls every month. I am so excited and it is quite an honor.

What more could a girl ask for?

So, now you must check out the RVKC September paper kit, 'Into the Woods' (pictured above) immediately... hello! Totally rad - you do not want to miss this one! Brand new Sassafras Lass and Scenic Route, a tube of *98* pink felt alpha letters/numbers, that gorgeous green pom-pom trim in the photo above (and lots, lots more.) You can see the complete list of products included in the kit here.

September kits are up for sale RIGHT NOW, so run over to the RVKC etsy shop to get one while you still can!

** A big apology to my local non-scrapper friends who understandably thought that big news = preggo. So sorry. We're waiting a couple of years, so you can keep your pants on. And I'll do the same. :)


  1. so fabulous Jen, congrats!

  2. oh wow! congratulations! i love those ladies and the things they create! i cant wait to see what you do with them!

  3. i'm very happy for you! you're so a red velvet girl...have fun with those delicous kits!

  4. Yay Jen!! Can't wait to see all your creations!!!! CONGRATS

  5. Congratulations Jen:) Great team to be on, love their kits!!

  6. Congrats on the RVKC gig! I can't wait to see what you do with those amazing kits.

  7. awesome awesome awesome!!

    Soooo well deserved:):)

    C O N G R A T S!!!!

  8. you are most welcome and thank you very much. i like to think i'm not just messing up the internet with the likes of my blog. i'm glad someone else shares my love for at least some of the music on my playlist. earlier today my husband is like "what that noise?" i replied "omg, you're old." we didnt speak for a little while after that.
    we totally watch yo gabba gabba and i, erm, my son owns all the toys /books! how can one be an aquabats fan and not love yo gabba gabba?
    thanks for stopping by. i added you onto my blogroll. just an fyi. and love your etsy shops. i might have to order something and tell husband that i ordered it before i went on my online ordering fast...

  9. woohoo congrats! Can't wait to see what you do with all this!

  10. congratulations. you have killer work and i am sure you will rock the kits.

  11. Yay u rock it girl! Cant wait to see what u do with this kit! So glad to be on a dt with ya!

  12. Whee! So happy you're part of the Red Velvet team! :) You rock those kits, girl...happy day!

  13. Congratulations girl! So awesome!!

    It's time for me to get some more of your tags. hehee..

    (aka Miya6 at Flickr)

  14. SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU GIRL .. SO AWESOME .. now get to scrappin boo .. LOL


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