radical, fanatical...

This is the story of the Vespas. It all started with this 1977 Vespa/Piaggio Bravo. Fixed it up and sold it. (Bo and his dad, that is.) And then they were hooked.

There was the 1975 Vespa 150 Super. And a 1980 P12SX.

And a 2006 Vespa Granturismo 200L. (Okay, I don't think there are plans to sell this yet.)

You must check out the Lebowkski t-shirt on Bo. And his new Lebowski plates. ('Mark it 8,' if you're unfamiliar or if you think it says 'Mr. Kit.')

And finally, (actually, I'm sure it's not 'finally', because I think this definitely qualifies as a new addiction) a 1980 P200e with Cozy sidecar. Maybe a keeper, too.

And of course, now we're tempted to get this for L...

I don't know what's next. I just don't know. It's fun to observe, though. For me and the neighbors. I bought this mug at Starbucks to celebrate the addiction, and because it looks cool and it was on sale.

Let's see... this week was filled with fun things in the mail. I love real mail.

And I sent some back.

And bought a couple of books. I still want to sew something. Successfully. I have stitch-and-bitches that I can join. Cool ones. So this is a goal of mine.

Got this rad fortune collecting journal at UO's a few months ago, and just started filling it up. I'm a serious pack rat when it comes to this type of thing, so my journal has a pretty healthy head start.

The class photos for Get Inspired (in November) are up - you can check out my mini book class here.

And big news for August!?! I'm the guest designer over here. Yup. Pretty stoked. I'll be posting photos soon of projects I've made with this month's kit... hurry and get yours here before they're gone!


  1. U inspire me....as a designer, as a mom, as a person.

  2. those Vespas look like fun! :)

  3. Your husband and my husband would be BFF's if that were geographically possible. He's been hooked on Vespa's since March and wants a little side car for Sebastian and everything. Oh, he's going to die when I show him these pictures.

  4. Congrats on the guest designer position!

    Those are so pretty sweet Vespa's if we could have them out for more than 5 months a year i'd buy one!

  5. ahhh! that's pretty amazing. i really fancy the red '75. YUMMM.

    i was over at my local vespa-guy the otherday, and we were talking about colours. i'd love a yellow one. a yellow primmy, from the sixties. yeah. and then i saw this brown side-pannel and before thinking i said 'oohhh, or a yellow and brown one, like this'.

    they all just turned around and started laughing. finally one of the scooterclub members said 'thats the primer'! haha.

    still, brown and yellow would be soooo my colours. anyway.

    thank you for my e-mail. :D i'll reply when i have a bit more time, but basically; yes. :D


  6. I think you'll appreciate this collision of snarky advertising analysis and Vespa...


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