we'll sink with kalifornija...

So we're back, and our trip to San Diego was awesome. We stayed on Mission Beach, went to Coronado island, La Jolla and ate some killer food. There were some challenging moments during our first family vacation, but mostly fun ones. And by day three or so, I had finally relaxed and let the California mentality take over.

We even had a celebrity encounter at Starbucks (of all places.)

Pro-skateboarder Sergie Ventura, which couldn't have been more exciting or perfect for Bo and I. We had seen him skate before and it was so cool to meet him in person. We were just talking to the Starbucks dude about listening to Jason Ellis on Sirius, and then Sergie walked up and said, 'Hey, Jason is a friend of mine.' Whoa.

On our daily walk up and down Mission Blvd, we would pass these paintings on the sides of beach houses. The unicorn princess was my favorite.

...and I loved these sweet beach cruisers.

Bo's t-shirt caused quite a stir on the boardwalk...

The front of the shirt says "I can get you a toe."

So a guy yells to Bo "by 3:00 this afternoon!"

Bo shouts back "with nail polish."

Another guy joked that he was going to jump us for said shirt. Lovely.

And in keeping with the apparent Lebowski theme, Bo bought groceries at Ralphs wearing his Achiever shirt. And he signed up for a Ralph's store discount card just so he could keep it in his wallet. (We don't even have Ralphs in Iowa. Sigh.)

My two favorite people in the world...

I turned 31 while we were on our trip. We ate at the Fish Market and it may very well have been the best birthday ever.

A lot of our vacation revolved around food.
We ate here...

...and shopped here.

Our sweet beach baby...

Bo (Iowa Boy) surfed like a pro, didn't get eaten by a shark, but did manage to injure both of his big toes on two separate occasions. (I will spare you the photo.) He's still pretty freaking amazing. I mean, dude, he skateboards, snowboards, kayaks, off-road unicycles, amongst like 18 other extreme sport hobbies. And he surfs. When he can. Because we live nowhere near water. And that kicks serious ass.

Our trip wouldn't be complete without seeing some of these...

I miss waking up to the ocean every day, but ahhhhhh, home sweet home. That's always how it goes.


  1. Wow, sounds like a blast! Maybe someday I'll be able to go..until then I'll just look at all the eye candy you uploaded.

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  2. Im from San Diego, so of course your photos made me homesick! Hope your trip was a blast!


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