biz, tulips and a vespa...

So I know I've posted about Yo Gabba Gabba before, but you must see this. It's still basically the only show L will watch, so we see a lot of it at our house. Biz Markie has a segment called 'Biz's Beat of the Day' where he beat-boxes. So naturally our one-year-old would pick this up.

Bo got a 77 Vespa/Piaggio Bravo off craigslist. Which he thought was a scooter-type Vespa, but it's more of a moped.

But now we don't care, because we found Moped Army. And mopeds are much cooler than you would think. Bo is starting a Des Moines branch ... the BuzzBombs. Swarm and destroy.

Think I'm joking? Check out the Chicago branch, Peddy Cash. Now you want to join us, don't you.

And I'm on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah.
I shake my little tush on the catwalk.

So lately L is suddenly so much more grown up and full of personality. It's so much fun to see her mind at work. In the photo below, she was mad because she was trying to play her NIN drum with her drum sticks while riding the skateboard I was pushing back and forth, and when I stopped pushing the skateboard to take a photo, she was on the verge of tears. So much drama in the LBC.

And check out this look.

L and I went to our first Tulip festival in Pella. We had a blast seeing the locals wearing their clogs, the windmills, eating Dutch letters from Jaarsma Bakery and of course seeing every type and color of tulip you could imagine. It was a fun day and I hope to go back every year.

And I got to hang out with scrapper buddies Brandy and Tonya on Thursday. We hit Valley Junction for a quick photo in front of this crazy metal wall before we had dinner. And of course we made total fools of ourselves (and took photos with the self-timer on the windshield of a parked van) in front of all the people at the Farmers' Market. Which isn't embarrassing at all.


  1. haha I know I love/hate taking pics like that cause everybody's watching and it makes you nervous! haha


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