... and the other one is giving a high five

So yeah, where have I been? I've been told it's been too long since I've updated but life is busy, ya know?

Well, Emma rocked her Bat Mitzvah (her mama's exact words.) So proud of that girl. (And she looked too cute in her Converse. They're sequined like Avril Lavigne's.)

I applied for the design team at Memory Bound. They announce the winners on April 30, so wish me luck. I know they got an overwhelming response, so the competition's fierce.

And I finished up my "inspire me" mini from Kristina's class. If you weren't able to take her class in person, she sells kits on her etsy store, so go out and get one - you won't be sorry you did. I'm still messing with the "my loves" mini and it's turning out to be killer.

And speaking of Kristi, my Dare comes out this Friday! She asked me to be a guest designer for The Dares and so I sent all the girls some Etsy love from my shop and they're gonna rock a page this week. I'll share photos of what I did soon. This is too exciting for me, seriously.


  1. as a des moines dweller, lover of art and complete newbie to this beautiful world of art-scrap-booking...i'm glad i've landed on your blog!
    cool stuff:)

  2. So glad I found a cool local scrapper on Kristi's blog. How did I not know that Memory Bound was going to have a design team? I am only there every week.


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