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Things have seemed so hectic lately that it's nice to slow down. Craft Saturday went really well and was a lot of fun - Erin and I would definitely like to do it again. Here are some shots from that day... although the best part of the whole thing might have been our dinner at the Royal Mile afterwards. We were starving by the end of the day and a cheeseburger never tasted so good.

I've been working on rock placecards for my niece's Bat Mitzvah in Chicago next month. I love seeing them all piled up together. We're excited for our trip to visit the Chicago 'burbs soon.

And Lotus has been donning pigtails this past week for the first time. I feel like her hair is always in her eyes, and she looks so cute with her hair back from her face. Even though they're not the tidiest pigtails. I haven't perfected my hairstyling techniques yet, and I have to be fast to get those tiny rubber bands in before she figures out what I'm doing.

I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago and saw the Paul Frank monkey taking a ride in Lotus' Playskool airplane with Hello Kitty and the Little People pilot - which is all Bo's doing (leftover from playtime the night before.) It made me smile - he's a really good dad and he's imaginative and silly in a way that I admire. I get caught up in enforcing her naptimes and monitoring her food intake (although I admit that I am good at making up funny songs to sing)... but this is just a reminder that sometimes I need to slow down and not take things too seriously.

I got some very sad news from a friend today and my heart goes out to her. It's so sudden... I emailed her to wish her a happy 30th b-day today, and she told me what happened. Life is fragile (and turns on you when you least expect it) and you've got to be grateful every day for the people in your life and the little things you take for granted. She's strong and I know she'll be okay, and I hope I can be a good friend to her through this even though I can't find the right words to say right now. I wish that I could provide just the right amount of comfort or do the perfect thing that would help her. Just 'being there' for her doesn't seem like enough.


  1. Great blog!!! :) You rock. xoxo

  2. Hey, those rock placecards look awesome. Where do you find rocks like that? At a craft store? I would hire you to do mine for my wedding but shipping to NY would be pretty expensive! Do you know anyone in NYC who does those? Thanks.

  3. Hi - my sister-in-law actually bought these rocks on clearance at Pottery Barn. (they were perfect to write on - flat and smooth... I just used a Sharpie.) Good luck!


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