I've been busy prepping for Craft Saturday on March 22nd. (Have you heard enough about this from me yet?) It's from noon - 5 p.m. at the Fourth Street Theatre and Vaudeville Mews downtown. The other vendors look really fun - lots of hand-sewn stuff that I can't wait to check out. And of course I will be sharing a booth with my talented friend, Erin, who has been making all kinds of cool stuff. I have about 20 shirts ready to go, and 5 more will be hopefully ready next week, so I'm crossing my fingers that will be enough. And I'll have the birds... come and see us.

Last night I did dare 84. (It's all about LEAP. Leap Year, leaping, taking a leap... whatever.) This was a quickie and I'm so loving the yellow. Especially with all the snow and dreariness lurking about every damn day.


  1. what an incredibly lovely layout. *love it*

  2. That is flippin awesome! Can you scrap on the 28th or 29th? Just wondering...


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