2 more dares

Last week I scrapped dare 85 and 86... This one is about me jumping around and dancing when I'm home and no one's looking (except for L, but she understands and can't be embarassed by me yet.)

And this one is about my useless never-ending knowledge about music. We used to play 'name that tune' using sound clips from Amazon.com or iTunes at my old job, and I was a force to be reckoned with. I'll admit, like everyone, I have my weaker categories, but I would win with random old stuff. Ummmm, "Hippie Chick" by SoHo? Yes.

Gotta get to work now on my stuff for Craft Saturday, which is tomorrow. Erin and I are totally testing the waters with this show, and we're hoping there's a good turnout. I'm sure this first run will be a learning experience, but no matter what, I'm looking forward to a fun day hanging out with her. We really can't have a bad time as long as we're in it together. We've been through job hell together, taking photos of badly-dressed crazies at the state fair in the rain, and five strip clubs in one night (ahem, it was for a news story.) Now if I could just find that photo of us with the scary dude with the wolf hat, complete with legs and paws (or whatever the hell it was), it would go here.

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