DC and Craft Saturday!

As I promised, here are a couple of photos from my trip to Washington DC ... I had a kick ass time and met two of my scrappy heroes, Kristina and Shimelle. Kristina was SUCH a cool girl and I had a blast taking her classes and chatting a bit. She's so amazingly talented and I was drooling over her mini-books that she brought to class. And she's funny as hell. I also had a great time with my new partners in crime, Kelly and Maria. So many fun adventures ... the limo ride, drinking wine out of the bottle (and later, glasses), telling the driver 'oh, we won't be long' before heading into what looked like a miniscule scrap store and then disappearing for at least an hour, and closing down Applebees (and having drinks next to Kristina and her friends.)

Also, March 22nd is the next Craft Saturday at Vaudeville Mews downtown, and my friend Erin and I will have a booth there selling our goodies. Which you can check out here or here.

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  1. Next time you have a booth...I am totally in, if that's okay and all. I "heart" your photos. How fun and how cool seeing your inspiration in person! Sat. was a blast. We will definitely do it again!


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