remember the bangs?

I've been debating whether/whether not to cut bangs for awhile now. Maybe since October, even. So I did it and I like them, except they itch my forehead a little. I needed a style change. Not like I used to in the 90s, though - when I'd dye strips of my hair with cherry kool-aid or whack off 10 inches or something crazy without a care in the world. (And yes, cherry kool-aid makes a GREAT dye if your hair is blond and absorbs color well. You just boil it in a small amount of water and don't add the sugar. After all, you're not going to drink the stuff. This was before Manic Panic became available... ahhh, yes, the 90s.)

So here they are, the BANGS...

I also started doing a photo a day on Flickr for the 365 Group which has been totally fun. I started in November and didn't know how well I'd do at keeping up with it, but the new year has kinda motivated me to keep going...

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