what a sweet mother's day...

It was my very first one. Bo and Little L brought me breakfast from Panera, coffee from Starbucks and flowers this morning. I also got a gift certificate for a (much needed) massage, and the pair of gray Converse All-Stars that I've been eyeing for the last few months. Holy cow, what an awesome day we had. Love, love, love being a new mommy!


  1. you are an amazing mama! Happy belated mothers day!

  2. Hi Jen! It's Tiffany [and Savannah] from playgroup. Savannah was napping and I was websurfing as usually and from one site to another stumbled across yours! Hope you don't mind :) We have one too: hoffmandaily.blogspot.com Would it be okay if I added you guys? Hope we get to see you guys again soon, your girl is just too cute!


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