two random things...

We went to see Social Distortion last night. What a killer show.

On a nerdier note, I love this woman's new product line.


  1. Awesome on both notes. I am wondering why you didn't call me to go with you......hmmmm......(sigh). JK

  2. HA! HA! HA! Definitely so random and extreme polar ends :)

  3. Of all the mommy bloggers, Jen, you are a woman after my own heart - Social D and Martha in the same post. I didn't think anyone out there was like me at all. I'm getting Tivo so I won't miss a Martha episode when I start my new full-time job and I luv Social D. I didn't go see them this time cuz I'm old (40) and don't like to pay more than I paid in '93 (so sad and pathetic I am). Am going to see Against Me! where they will have to peel me off the lead singer (SO cute) and pay my husband to take me home:) My poor, poor man...


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