A vest for Noro Magazine

Photos by Rose Callahan and Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

Ready for a dose of color? Check out the beauties in Noro Magazine Fall/Winter 2014. I was fortunate enough to design an oversized vest for this issue, which I spent lots of time working on last summer. (Which seems like ages ago!) Once again, it was such a thrill to ever-so-carefully pack up my knitted creation into a box and mail it off to New York City, and then wait to see how it would be photographed. Here it is, below.

Photos by Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

Fun, right? This vest uses Noro Silk Garden Solo and Silk Garden Lite held together. Want to see more? Feast your eyes on these gorgeously colorful designs featured in the magazine. Noro's colorways are always so incredibly magnificent.

Photos by Rose Callahan and Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

You can pick up your copy of Noro Magazine Fall/Winter 2014 at your local bookstore, craft store or yarn shop. (I happen to collect issues of Noro Magazine because they're full of such beautiful projects and I'm thrilled to add this one to my bookshelf!)


My three favorite things this winter are: hot Tazo Passion tea, knitting while watching 'Lilyhammer' on Netflix, and looking at pattern collections by Kim Hargreaves. HA. But seriously, check out 'Still' by Kim Hargreaves. This soft and cozy collection includes 21 designs using Rowan Brushed Fleece, Mohair Haze, Kidsilk Haze, Fine Lace, Kid Classic, Kidsilk Haze Stripe, Cocoon, Lima, Felted Tweed DK and Felted Tweed Aran. Here are some of my favorites. 




Cosy (sweater) and Mist (hat)


Comfort (cardigan) and Mist (hat)






'Still' is available at Kim's website and also at local knitting shops. Such a phenomenal collection;  gorgeous and soft. This might make a lovely gift for any knitter on your holiday list, fyi. Happy December!
You can purchase the book on Kim's website or at your local knitting shop. - See more at: http://knitionary.blogspot.com/2014/10/still.html#sthash.NIjh4a5I.dpuf

Wool and the Gang Snood Workshop

Few things make me happier than knitting with friends, so I was super stoked to have another chance to host a Wool and the Gang workshop here in Des Moines. It's hard to beat chilling out with fifteen of your friends on a snowy day, eating snacks and chatting the afternoon away.

The Des Moines Social Club was our headquarters once again and that sunshine coming through the windows felt lovely.

Our project was a snood, which could be knit in three different stitch patterns. We all chose our favorite shade of Crazy Sexy Wool and boom – snoods were born.

Snacks were eaten. (Duh.)

And the friends were chillin.

It was so much fun and now we all have something to keep us warm during this cold, snowy holiday season. Stay tuned because I'm hoping we'll do this again soon! Stay toasty and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


A new hat for me! I've picked out five different things I want to make from Rowan's Big Accessories collection (because who doesn't like a project that you can whip up in an evening/weekend?) The first thing I had to make was this awesome hat, Ferris.

Ferris was designed by Sarah Hatton using Alpaca Chunky. (I used shade 73/Pigeon.) This was a super quick knit and if you're not familiar with this yarn, it is softer than soft. It has a rounded chain construction which gives it a bit of stretch and makes it incredibly lightweight, but it's also very, very warm. This hat uses exactly one ball of Alpaca Chunky and I'm in love with all of the natural colorways that are available. 

The next project I want to knit from this collection is Bandit, which is a super cool cowl with fur trim on the cover of Big Accessories. Check it out – it's so neat! What's on your needles right now? The time (and the weather) is right for knitting.