Laird's hat from GIRLS

I was just reading the story behind Laird's hand-knit hat from your favorite t.v. show and mine, Girls. And then I thought – wow – I'm pretty sure I knitted a super similar hat once! I found a photo of it and yes. There it is. LAIRD. I made this hat in 2009 and it was the first time I knitted a hat with stripes and it was the first time I made up my own pattern. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Anyway, you have to read this cute story about Laird's hat on Girls. It's the actor's personal hat! Here you go.

You could argue that the most iconic accessory on Girls is Laird’s colorful beanie—and it’s a very special item that’s apparently very near and dear to actor Jon Glaser’s heart. 'That is actually Jon’s personal beanie,” reveals costume designer Jenn Rogien. “It was handed down to him from his dad, and it’s the most precious thing we have on the show because it is literally one of a kind.'

The woolly family heirloom is treated with reverence. 'Jon brings it to us on his first day of work, in a Ziploc bag wrapped in tissue, and we hold on to it and give it back to him on his last day,' says Rogien. 'It’s become such a signature part of his character that if I lose that beanie, I’m dead!'

I love random blogging. Sorry I've been MIA recently ...  I've been working hard on exciting new things and trying to get my groove back in all areas. All angles. Happy Friday.

Shaun the Sheep + Rowan

I just received this lovely superwash Pure Wool DK in black and cream and it's for a pretty fun project. With the release of the new Shaun the Sheep movie, Rowan Yarns is celebrating the adorable woolly character's first adventure on the big screen with this original free pattern so you can knit your very own Shaun!

The pattern calls for 25g of black Pure Wool DK and 25g of cream/white Pure Wool DK. Isn't he fun? I haven't started knitting him yet but I know my kids will steal him away in a heartbeat. :)


I've been feeling like I need to change things up around here. I am so unbelievably ready for spring, adventures, road trips and wardrobe changes. I feel like cleaning out my closet and overhauling my entire house, really. Out with the old and in with the new is the tip of the iceberg. Bright and sparkly things have been catching my eye. And I have a new favorite shop that I'd like to share with you called Strands.

A few months ago, I was having coffee with a couple of friends and one of them told me to check out Strands. And so I did. I immediately found three very cool pieces that I loved and each item was under $20. I'm not even kidding.


They carry some really excellent pieces that are extremely affordable. Since then, I've checked back often and love catching a glimpse of their ever-changing line of accessories.

Strands carefully selects each product and chooses pieces that are current, but classic. Each item has been studied with their own eyes and touched by their own hands to ensure quality in appearance and construction. (After wearing their Petite Druzy Cuff daily, I too can vouch for the quality of their pieces.)

Do you need a little Strands in your life? I think you do. Let's make this super easy. ;)

Go to Strands. Pick out something you love. Enter the code JEN15 at checkout and receive 15% off your entire order.

Enjoy! Happy (almost) spring and happy accessorizing.

Rowan swatch party (and a giveaway!)

Hey hey! I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but around here we've been seeing a lot of snow. (Like almost 12" in 24 hours.) Which means lots of shoveling, lots of layers, lots of blankets and, of course, it's the perfect time for knitting. I haven't had a chance yet to show off some of my favorite new Rowan yarns from the Autumn/Winter release so I decided to knit up some swatches and let the yarn do the talking. From left to right, we have Brushed Fleece, Rowan Fine Tweed, Rowan Finest, Fazed Tweed and Chenille.

The dark blue swatch on the left is one of my new favorite yarns (of all time.) This is Brushed Fleece – lightweight but extremely warm and not itchy whatsoever. I'm knitting a cardigan (called Stour) with Brushed Fleece right now. The green swatch was made with Rowan Finest, which is luxurious and oh-so-soft. This yarn is a blend of extra fine merino, cashmere and royal alpaca wool. The marled blue and white swatch is a new yarn called Fazed Tweed, and is (in my opinion) the most innovative of the bunch! Fazed Tweed is a mix of wool and fine alpaca with a filled tube-like construction held together with a fine net-like fiber. Finally, on the far right is Chenille, which is absolutely gorgeous in person. Chenille is 100% cotton, very soft and has a great texture that makes it super fun to knit with.

And I didn't get around to making swatches for these guys, but another favorite yarn that I'm loving this season is definitely Rowan Fine Tweed. It comes in a zillion fantastic shades that all work amazingly well together.  This is a beautifully soft, 100% wool, traditionally spun tweed yarn made in one of the few surviving mills in Yorkshire. But again, the colors are what draws me to this yarn ... it's perfect for colorwork and Rowan offers tons of gorgeous patterns that encourage you to let your imagination run wild with color combinations.



One lucky reader will win will get a ball of Chenille, Fazed Tweed and Brushed Fleece. (I might have a few more secret surprises from Rowan to throw in your package as well!)


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Best of luck and thanks so much for reading!